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Update on Pepper

Update on Pepper

Adopted 02/18/14 Dog’s Former Name:  Holly What’s your favorite thing about your dog? Pepp had a rough start in this world but, even though she was mistreated in the beginning, she has nothing but love to share.  When she goes to the vet to get shots, she... read more

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Save-a-Bull Alum brings attention to National Puppy Day

Save-a-Bull Alum brings attention to National Puppy Day

March 23rd is National Puppy Day. This day was initially developed to encourage adoption from rescues and to create awareness of puppy mills and the terrible conditions that so many puppies and dogs experience in them. Now in its 8th year, there is more attention on... read more



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Responsible Dog Ownership

Many, if not most, of the dogs that come to Save-a-Bull are here because of unwanted litters, breed stereotypes or behavioral issues – all that could have been prevented through responsible dog ownership. With proper training, awareness and appropriate care, most dogs can stay in their homes and never end up in rescue.

Here are some resources to help you be the great owner your dog deserves and to assist you in becoming an advocate of proper pet care.

Playing it Safe with “Leave It”

Last week the Twin Cities was in an uproar over a slew of dangerous baited dog treats strewn around a Lakeville neighborhood. Screws, rubber bands and pills wrapped in tasty hot dogs and peanut butter were clearly intended to entice and cause harm to innocent family... read more

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