Monetary donations make it possible for us to support our dogs. Every size donation helps and is greatly appreciated! In rescue there are countless expenses of every kind. From basic food and supplies, to regular and unforeseen vet care, to taxes and services fees that keep our organization running. Your donations help us keep the wheels turning and let us continue to rescue and rehome an average of 200 dogs each year. Thank you!

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You can also choose to make your impact more specific. We have several fundraising programs centered around issues that are important and personal to us.

Fix Your Pit: Free Spay/Neuter Clinics
Fix Your Pit clinics offer free spay/neuter services as well as vaccines and microchips to pit bull and pit mixes in our community. We’re honored to facilitate the desire for members of our community to help each other in the care and responsible ownership of pit bulls and pit mixes. Together, we’re making a difference in national pit bull euthanasia rates and breed perception as a whole. Learn more about our Fix Your Pit spay/neuter program.

Heal-a-Bull Program
Heal-a-Bull is a program designed to help dogs that need medical care and TLC before adoption. We are able to take these dogs in and provide vet visits, surgeries and physical therapy for an extended period of time while in rescue…all in the effort to make these dogs adoptable and find them a forever home. Learn more about the Heal-a-Bull program.

Sponsor a Dog
If you want to make an impact on a specific dog while he is in rescue, consider sponsorship! Your funds will be used for food, supplies and vet care for that dog as long as he is in rescue. You’ll get a few nice perks and an update when he is adopted! Learn more about Dog Sponsorship.

Save-A-Bull Wish Lists

Day to day supplies like crates, toys and especially food are always needed. Choose from two wish list options to make donations and they ship directly to us!

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