What to Expect

Taking a dog into your home to prepare him for the next phase of his life is a crucial part of the rescue process. Fosters are expected to treat their dog like a member of their family, provide exercise and training, and create a foundation of trust for a dog who has no place to call home. You’ll provide your dog with structure and a routine that’ll help him thrive as well as manage his schedule of medical care and appointments as necessary.

As a foster, it’s also your job to do as much as possible to help get your dog adopted. As you get to know your dog you’ll be asked to write up a bio to be posted to his web page profile and take great photos of your dog, or work with one of our professional photographers to make sure he has the best photos possible. You’ll be expected to attend at least one adoption event per month so fosters must live within 50 miles of the Twin Cities.

Our team of foster mentors will help you through every step of the process and you’ll have all of Save-A-Bull’s resources at your disposal to set you up for the ultimate success!

In exchange for all this, you’ll be paid in unconditional love and the gratitude of a dog who desperately needed you!

Foster FAQs

What is provided by Save-A-Bull?
Save-A-Bull will provide you with everything you need to care for your foster dog: a crate, food, collar and leash and food bowls. Occasionally we receive donations of treats and toys to hand out as well. We also cover all the costs of medical care. If you choose to provide anything extra for your foster dog, remember that everything is tax deductible, so go ahead and spoil him!

How long will I have my foster?
The honest answer is: until they find their perfect home. As a guideline expect anywhere from 2-6 months but it can be anywhere from a few days to months, and sometimes longer.

What if I go on vacation while fostering?
We have a family of volunteers who are able to help out with temporary care when you go out of town!

Will I be sad when my foster is adopted?
Honestly, letting them go, especially the first one, is not easy. All fosters have been through this and will share their stories. All of our dogs go to the best homes, and seeing that you just helped someone add to their family is very rewarding. Many adoptees send us regular updates and stop by adoption events down the line.

What if I want to adopt my foster Dog?
This happens all of the time! We will lovingly call you a “foster failure.”

Do You Have What it Takes?

We always welcome qualified foster homes to place our dogs until adoption. If you want to make the difference between life and death to one deserving dog, please fill out a foster application today. A Save-A-Bull representative will be in touch with you soon.

Ready To Foster?