Adoption Policies

“Let’s not blame the dogs for a trait bred into them by the evilness of man. Let’s understand them instead, so we can provide responsible ownership and give them a chance to show the world why they are so deserving of our love.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your adoption fee?
Adoption fees for all dogs older than six months are $375. Adoption fees for all dogs younger than six months are $475. This fee includes all sales tax and a $50 training reimbursement credit – you’ll get a $50 refund when you complete basic training with your dog within the first six months.

What is required for the home visit?
Most people are nervous about the home visit because they think their homes will be critiqued and judged. This is far from the case! When we conduct a home visit we are looking to see that you have all the necessary things in place for the dog. This means that you have taken the time to choose a quality dog food, you have purchased the necessary items like a crate, food bowls, leash, collar, toys, etc., and that you have dog-proofed your home in cases of pups and young dogs. Basically we are just making sure that the dog will be safe and you’re prepared for his arrival!

Do you do adoptions outside of the Twin Cities?
In general we like to keep adoptions within the Twin Cities metro area. Home visits are done by our volunteers and we don’t have many outside the immediate area. However, we do make exceptions whenever possible! We welcome applicants from other neighboring areas, but if you live more than 90 minutes from the Twin Cities, please check with us before submitting your application to be sure we can accommodate your location.

Do you require adopters to have a fenced-in backyard?
No, a fenced yard is not a requirement for all dogs. Keep in mind however, many of our dogs were strays, so they already have a tendency for escape. If you do not have a fence, you should be prepared to explain how you will exercise the dog adequately. There are some dogs in rescue for which a fence will be required based on their temperaments and energy levels. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.

Why do you need my homeowner’s insurance information?
Many home insurance companies have breed restrictions and will not cover you if you own a pit bull. Part of being a responsible dog owner is having the proper insurance. The only major insurance provider in the metro area that currently allows pit bulls is State Farm. There are some smaller companies that do not have restrictions as well.

Do you adopt siblings or multiple dogs at one time?
We will not adopt multiple dogs into the same household at the same time. We encourage you to bring one dog into the home at a time so both the dog and owner can establish relationships and routines before adding another new dog.

We realize our policies are not for everyone, and there are exceptions to every rule, but these are our guidelines to help us make sure we responsibly place our dogs in the best possible situation. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact our adoption team.