Sometimes, a medical problem is the only thing standing in the way of a great dog finding a great home. Conditions like mange, broken limbs, cherry eye, and more can be big barriers for a family that’s looking for a dog. They often can’t see the potential of these dogs and will look past them for adoption.

In addition, some medical needs can be a challenge for rescue as well. If we don’t have the funds available it might be impossible to say yes to helping a dog who needs us.  The Heal-a-Bull program is an ongoing fundraising effort that helps keep money available to provide life-changing services to special dogs in need of special care.


We know these issues may only require a special surgery or medication and some TLC. We already have the heart to take these dogs in, funding through this program makes sure we also have the money.

Our adoption fees don’t even begin to cover the cost of treatment for these dogs, but our goal is to continue to help them by removing the obstacles that might keep them from finding their new families.


Heal-a-Bull Program

Your donation to the Heal-a-Bull Program will help ensure we don’t have to turn away a dog in need just because we don’t have the money.

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Total $25.00

Long time rescue supporter, Tangerine House of Design owner Lisa Asp has photographed dozens if not hundreds of our dogs to help them find forever homes. Along the way she’s documented some of the toughest cases we’ve seen and that outstanding work has won several major photography awards. Take a look at her incredible photography project “Rescued,” and see why the work we do as a team, as a community, is so important. These dogs came to rescue as part of our Heal-a-Bull program that helps address, and to the best of our ability fix, the physical ailments that stand in the way of these dogs finding their forever homes.

Buster Brown

formerly known as Dexter


formerly known as Duckie