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I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon

Hi my name is ZiggyBoo. I have a big beautiful bobble head and I bounce a lot! I bounce off furniture like a gazelle. My foster mom always has to remind me to stop playing parkour in the house. I am redirected outside with my Husky sister to resume parkour in the backyard. I leap off the top step with the tenacity and athleticism of a yellow lab at a dock diving competition but I'm a big dorky gangly thick American Bulldog (or a mix of such). My original owner had me since I was a puppy. She said I was too high energy for her and that I was hard to control on the leash. She was going to let me go in the woods the night she messaged Save-A-Bull but my foster mama came out to get me before that happened.I am potty trained AND kennel trained! I sleep in my kennel or sometimes I fall asleep on the couch with my foster mama. I am working hard on learning how to walk. I pull really hard and am quite stubborn on leash – especially if I see other dogs. I really mean well but I was not taught proper doggie behavior as a baby. I know how to "sit" and "stay" for just a little bit. I can also "shake". I have not taken any training courses but I really would benefit and completely need to have some training – it would be so good for me. I'm most motivated by human interaction I love my humans!It was noted that I lived with a 2-year and a 5-year-old human. I have been around my foster pawrents nephews too. I am like a bull in a china shop though – I'm pretty good at barreling through people so small kids are not recommended for me. I currently live with three cats and a rabbit right now but we do not interact much. I am uber excited to meet the cats. My foster mom doesn't think I want to hurt them but really want to play with them. She hasn't let me play with them though. We've only had small short interactions. For now I shouldn't live with small animals. I also live with two dogs – a female 6.5 year old Husky and a male 3.5 year old Beagle/Pittie mix – they are both about 40 lbs. I'm a very confident boy however I don't want to cause any problems. I wouldn't say I'm submissive or dominant however with my foster doggo siblings I do back down when they tell me to knock off my puppy behavior. My foster mom says that I do need manners when I see dogs while on walks however and generally on a leash. We are working on my leash reactivity currently but I will need a strong (physically and mentally) and very confident handler to keep me in line. I really love playing chase with my Husky sibling in the backyard. I also really like going on walks and spending some time sniffing around. My foster mom is working on a "heel" command with me and a "release" command with me to allow me to do some good sniffies after I've walked nicely for a period of time.Here are some interesting fun facts about me:I am a really good boy! I love people so much and give the best cuddles and hugs.Give me a description of your dream forever family.My dream family would be a family that likes to spend time outdoors. I actually really like being outside and don't get too cold like a lot of other pitties and bullies. I think I'd really like hiking and lots of fun exploring in the woods.What are some of your favorite toys?I really like nylabones and stuffy toys. I'm pretty good at pulling out all the fluff and killing the squeaker!Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?50/50 – I will both play all day and cuddle.What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?When I see my favorite people (currently my foster pawrents) I wiggle and wag so much!What would your dream day consist of?My dream day would consist of waking up early to play in the backyard for a bit. Afterwards I'd love some breakfast (maybe in a puzzle toy to occupy my brain for a bit) and go for a ½ hour to hour walk. I'll probably grab my nylabone after my walk and sit on the couch for a little bit with it before napping for the rest of the afternoon. I'd love a walk or a hike later in the day followed by dinner and then crashing on the couch to watch some TV with my humans.I would love to meet YOU!ZiggyBoo is sponsored bySarah S. If you'd like to sponsor a dog please click here.

  • Bulldog - American
  • Male
  • Puppy (7-24 Months) (11/03/2020) - Estimated
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