I've found my furever family!

Veruca Salt

We're happy to tell you that Veruca Salt has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Veruca. My story started out being found as a hungry, scared, pregnant and homeless Texan. The people that took me in helped me get into a few cars and a long drive up to this place that was really cold – a cold I’ve never experienced. I had a good feeling about this though and jumped into the arms of the people that came from a place called Save-A-Bull. I learned what a foster home was and my goodness, did I get one of the best – a professional dog trainer and someone with a nursery! I also got to hang out with two other dogs and we immediately became pals.

I had some resource guarding issues with food, because when your life as a hungry stray was all you knew, food can be something to protect. But I quickly learned that being in a loving home meant I didn’t need to protect my food, I would get all the food I needed. 

Within two weeks of me getting here, I found out what the nursery was for! Turns out, I didn’t have gas, I had puppies! I gave birth to six beautiful puppies – four girls, two boys. My foster momma named us all from the Willy Wonka movie. I’m Veruca Salt! I was a pretty fantastic mom, but I was ready to get back to being a baby myself. I have a lot of energy and these babies and swaying milk bags were weighing me down!

The vet said I was about a year old, and my foster has been amazed at how sweet I am to everyone I meet! You know, considering my first go at life was nothing like the luxury and kindness I’m surrounded by now.

I’m in a new foster home now and there is an older dog who doesn’t like my early potty schedule, but they are all adjusting. There’s also a cat, a big orange fluffy one. I’m interested in him, and he’s slowly getting to know me.

I’m continuing with my training and going from a fenced in yard to a place with an elevator and a big city park, and so I’m learning to walk slowly without pulling and sitting before doors open. I’m also sleeping in my crate and learning to be alone while my foster’s go get coffee. So far, my biggest challenge has been deciding which toy to play with next! I love a mid afternoon rest where I find a spot and catch some sunshine. 

My new foster mom’s say I am really smart and they want to teach me how to kayak, look for birds, go camping, and do something called being a breed ambassador. My foster mom says we need to do my DNA test first, because while I have the body structure and strength of a Staffie, she thinks my side profile and eyebrows look like a Rottweiler, and my marbles coloring might come from either a Catahoula or some sort of hound. She says I do this thing where I bend my foot in a pointing fashion when I’m looking for something outside. It makes her laugh. I’m not sure why I do it, maybe my feet are cold from all this snow.

Well, I gotta go for now. My foster mom’s say we need to get a snuffle mat and something called a pup cup!