I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Vaquita has a new furever home.
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Hi my name is Vaquita. I am named after the world's rarest marine mammal, an endangered species. My big eyes will melt your heart and my white paws make it look like I am wearing socks. My momma was found pregnant in New Mexico. When they found her, the animal shelter was going to spay her and abort us, but Save-A-Bull heard about us and brought her to Minnesota. My eight siblings and I were born a week after momma was transported here. So far MN has been great, and my foster mom says I am the best because I am super smart and am a confident and playful young lady!

After the litter was split up, I stayed with the foster who whelped our litter until I was about seven weeks old, and then came to this awesome home where I get to live with a big doggie brother (Mr. Ted) and a mom who is a professional dog trainer. I also live with a rabbit, and have lots of kids visiting (foster mom’s kids and grandkids). Mr. Ted is an awesome foster brother because he helps me train and plays and cuddles with me. They have been very patient and understanding of me, and actually motivate and cheerlead me when I do awesome things.

I have been working on kennel training, and my foster mom says I am doing awesome! Sometimes I might cry, but it’s because I miss you. I am learning to settle nicely in my kennel and learning that it is my “den.” I am also working really hard on potty training. It’s going well on a good schedule, and I haven’t had any mistakes in awhile. I love going potty outside – there are so many smells and places to go, and I know it makes my foster mom super happy. I have even learned how to come in through the doggy door!

I love meeting new dogs and seeing my other siblings at events – I follow adult dogs around because I can always learn new things from them. I have realized how much fun toys are, especially flirt poles and playing tug. But training is where the magic happens! I love training and will do anything for a treat. I have gotten really good at “sit”, “down”, and “wait”. And have even learned how to jump over a hurdle. I sat in on a therapy dog class and was quiet the whole time!

I am a very confident and curious girl, and am learning that asking permission by looking to my foster mom is the way to live a good life. I really like being outside, and found that cuddling with Mr. Ted is the best activity ever. I have met kids of many ages and love them, they have so much energy. Mostly, I like to cuddle up with the other dogs, my foster mom, or with siblings – we just make a big pile of puppy love. My foster mom says that I am really smart, so I am looking forward to learning how to be a really good girl. I would love to meet you!