I've found my furever family!

Uncle Fester

We're happy to tell you that Uncle Fester has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Uncle Fester! Four of my siblings and myself were surrendered to a rescue in New Mexico by my first family. We all lived together in a foster house for a while until we flew here all the way to Minnesota. How cool is that?! When I got here some nice people cleaned us up and sent us off to our new foster homes. I went to a foster home with Morticia and Wednesday for the first five days until my new foster family got back to town. I’m going to live with them today, I’m so excited to meet them! 

The house I’m living in now is so cool. I have two foster parents who love me, three big dogs to teach me how to dog, and two of my litter mates to play with! When I first got here I was extremely tired, shy, and scared. I would cower and pee when my foster mom would try to pick me up or get too close to me. She knew I needed some space and time so she let me come to her at my own pace. She also started giving me lots of treats and let me lick peanut butter off her finger. That really helped me to feel safe and start gaining confidence. I have to say my favorite part of this house is the big dogs. I feel my happiest when I get to run around and play with the big dogs. They are also helping to build my confidence!

Ever since I started warming up, I’ve been a lot more vocal. I whine when I want to go outside, and I use my big man bark when I want something from the humans. My foster parents work from home so they’re always around, which I like. We take naps in our kennels and sleep in our kennels at night. I feel really safe in my kennel. My foster mom makes sure I always have my kennel open so if I need to have some alone time I can go lay in my kennel by myself and decompress. 

We are working on this potty training thing. The lady says I’m killing it! I whine and try to get to the door when I want to go out. I’m not perfect, and it’s going to take some time but I know I will be good at this potty training thing with lots of practice and positive reinforcements.

I am so excited to meet my forever family! I would love to live in a house with a well adjusted adult dog who can show me the ropes and teach me confidence. I would also love to live with people who are willing to work with me on all kinds of training so that I can grow up to be the best dog I can be! I know my foster siblings have gone to some training classes and I think that sounds like so much fun. I would love a family who wants to cuddle with me, spoil me, take me on adventures, and nurture my sweet sensitive side. Do you think that you want to adopt me and give me the best life?!