I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Tyson has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

Hi, my name is Tyson. I have the most beautiful eyes, and freckles on my nose. I am a clinger and love to cuddle on top of you! I came from New Mexico and had a rough start but thankfully Save-A-Bull saved me from abuse, and now I know nothing but love.

I am working on potty training and I am almost there. I LOVE my kennel! At night I alternate between sleeping in my kennel and with my foster’s. I almost have “sit” mastered and I’m working on “stay.” I haven’t taken any training classes yet, but I know I would love it. Food is my biggest motivator!

I have two foster cat siblings. I'm interested in them, but for the most part I leave them alone. I have two foster dog siblings as well and love to play tug-o-war with them. I can be dominant or submissive, it depends on who I'm playing with. I love everyone! Chasing a ball and tug-of-war are my favorites. I go until I’m worn out and then I'm ready to snuggle.

Some other fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
Because I give the BEST cuddles and kisses!

What are some of your favorite toys?
Tennis balls, especially the ones that squeak!

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
A little of both! I could play all day, but I really love to cuddle.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When my foster family comes home,  and when I’m chasing a ball.

What would your dream day consist of?
Lots of playing and cuddles!

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
My dream family will play with me, rub my belly and let me sleep in their lap! Could this be you?

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