I've found my furever family!

Tootsie Roll

We're happy to tell you that Tootsie Roll has a new furever home.
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Hi, I’m Tootsie Roll, or Toots for short! I might look tough with these clipped ears but I’m really a shy little sweetheart, and much daintier than I look in my pics, with my giant head and stubby legs. I was picked up as a scared, skinny stray and now I’m starting to relax into having a warm place to stay with plenty of cuddles and good food. My foster is pretty sure my personal motto is NO THOUGHTS, ONLY LUVVINS. <3

I am definitely familiar with the concept of house training – I keep my kennel clean when my foster is gone, and always try to wait until we leave the house to do my business! It’s just that sometimes I forget which side of the door we need to be on for that, so we’ve had a few spills in the entryway. My foster says she’s confident I’ll get the hang of it soon, though, because I am so, so happy to get praise when I do it right! 

Men make me a little uneasy, and kids who are still too young to understand the importance of calm greetings can stress me out with loud noises. But so far I’ve warmed up to everyone eventually, if they’re willing to speak softly and let me come to them on my own time. Anyone who likes to give treats and gentle pets will have a forever friend in me once I’ve had a little while to work up my courage and curiosity. Haven’t met any cats yet, but my foster thinks I’d probably do well with dog-savvy kiddos. I’ve been super submissive with every dog I’ve encountered so far, and treat even the rabbits in the yard here with careful suspicion and a wide berth. 

So far it looks like my favorite activities are eating, snuggling, eating, smooching, eating, sleeping and EATING, with a dessert of wiggles in the nearest lap. Recently I’ve started showing some interest in playing fetch and chewing on a Kong even when there’s no food in there, though – my foster thinks I’m going to be a lot of fun once I’ve been in a safe place long enough to relax out of “survival mode” and let some more of my true personality shine. I would love to meet you!