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Hi, my name is Tia and I just moved here from Texas. My mom says I'm a pretty little princess – from the way I prance up and down stairs to the way I refuse to get a drop of rain on my beautiful body, to being a social butterfly. My fur is all white except for the brown patch on my left eye. I have brown spots under my fur like a Dalmatian. I have white whiskers everywhere except on my eye with the brown patch, those whiskers are black. I have the most beautiful brown eyes. Everyone who sees me says I’m gorgeous!

I’m still perfecting the art of going potty on the grass. I prefer going on potty pads and woodchips. I love having sleepovers every night in my foster parents bedroom. I sleep so well in my kennel all night! I will let you know if I have to go potty at night by making a lot of noise and moving my blankets all over my kennel. I like to go potty right when I wake up. I am learning quickly how to play fetch. I can’t wait until I am trained so I can learn some great tricks!

I love my foster siblings! I quickly fell in love with my 13-year-old and 10-year-old humans. It took me a little time to warm up to my 3-year-old human, but now I love to give him kisses. Some of my favorite things are giving kisses and hugs, snuggling, treats, and eating socks (thanks to my irresponsible 10-year-old brother). I also enjoy smelling everything in the world, which makes taking a walk a very interesting experience. My foster family takes me to the playground and I love playing with all the other dogs there. 

A couple times a day I get a burst of energy and love playing with my toys. Then I will take a nap. I still enjoy napping a lot since I’m still a puppy. I really love taking naps with my siblings. I am the perfect mix of the world's best cuddler and the world’s best side kick! I am a very quiet girl. I have only barked a few times and that was when a 4-foot stuffed horse and a 3-foot stuffed gorilla looked at me. :) I am very intrigued by squirrels, birds, people and other dogs. I don’t bark at them even if they bark at me.  

I’m wasn't impressed by the cold and rainy weather when I first arrived. I’m so excited to have a hot Minnesota summer! If you need a partner in crime look no further, because I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Terrier - American Staffordshire
  • Female
  • Baby (10/22/2022) - Estimated
  • 31 - 40 Pounds
  • White & Brown
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