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Hi my name is Teensie. My foster mom says I am a triple threat with my looks! I have one blue eye, an adorable underbite, and ears that forever stand up and fold over all adorable like. Add my beautiful brindle coloring to that and I might just be the most adorable puppy you will ever meet! I often make my foster family giggle when I get super excited because I prance and gallop around like a goofy puppy with feet too big for my body. I came to MN from TX where I was super sick for a little while, my foster mom says I had something called Parvo. I just know that it hurt my tummy and I didn't feel good but now I am all better and very healthy.

I am really young so I am still working on potty training but I know that I will learn it very soon because I am the best girl. I am a super good girl in the kennel and only cry for a second, if I even cry at all. I am such a good girl about sleeping nice and quietly in my kennel all night. I make a little cry in the morning when I need to tell my foster mom that I have to potty. I am just a baby but I am learning to sit and stay when I get my meals.

I love playing with my human foster brother, he is so much fun and loves to play fun games like tug with me. I also have LOTS of canine foster siblings, both bigger and smaller than me. I have so much fun playing with all of my foster siblings! I am super respectful to the big lady that doesn't want to be bothered by me, I just stay out of her way and play with the others. I have never met any cats but I am so easy going that I bet I would love them.

I am a very sweet girl that loves to cuddle, but is also quite happy to entertain myself too. I am the best of both worlds and I would love to meet you!

  • Terrier - American Staffordshire
  • Female
  • Baby (08/15/2022) - Estimated
  • Brindle & White
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