I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Tansy has a new furever home.
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Hi, I am Tansy of the Tansy and the Wildflowers Litter. My foster mom says that I am the perfect mix of a sweet and spicy puppy! I love to cuddle but despite me being the runt of my litter, I have a big personality and can easily stand up for myself. I have had a rough start in life as when I was only a few days old, my foot and part of my leg was likely bitten off. Because of my missing foot, the great people in the Heal-A-Bull program at Save-A-Bull took me in and promised to help me with my nub. Even though I was really good at walking with my three legs, my nub really bothered me so the decision was made that I was not a good fit for a prosthetic and that the remainder of my leg would need to be removed. I am currently recovering from that surgery and hope to be ready to find my forever family soon! Once I am recovered from my surgery, I won’t need any extra special care. I will just be a puppy with three legs instead of four. My family will need to keep an eye on my other joints but all dogs need that, even ones with four legs. 

I am working very hard on my potty training and doing great! I am just a baby though so I am still learning. I have been in a kennel many times but it is not my favorite place to be. I do get locked behind a gate in the front room when my foster family leaves me alone for work for the day and  I am a really good girl. 

My favorite place to sleep at night is cuddled up right next to you! My foster dad says I am the very best cuddler in the world. When I wake up in the morning before it is time to get out of bed, I cuddle my face right in his neck where it is nice and warm. Did I mention I love to cuddle?! I will cuddle with my foster siblings too when they will let me. For tricks I am working on “down” and “drop it”, but my foster mom says I “sit” so pretty for her. Don’t tell her that I just do it for the cookies – I don’t think she knows that. I also sit nicely and wait for my food. I have not been able to take any formal training yet since I was focused on getting healthy after my amputation but my foster mom says I am a smart girl and would do really well in training as I am very motivated by food.

In my foster family I have lots of foster siblings – one of them only has two legs, I love my two legged foster brother so much. I give him lots of kisses and he lets me. It is the best! He is 13 years old and we like to play together and work on my sit and down when he is not at school. I have three other 4-legged foster siblings. They are the best! They are all older than me and bigger than me, but we love to play together. We play chase around the yard and in the house but mom doesn’t like it when we play chase in the house. She tells us that the house is not a racetrack, but we just keep running and playing! We also make the funniest noises when we play. Aside from playing chase, our other favorite activity is wrestling. We loved to jaw joust and wrestle together. My biggest foster brother is 75 lbs. but that doesn’t stop me from jumping and attacking him while we play. He is a good big brother; he is very gentle with me and takes good care of me. I love my foster siblings! I have never met any cats but I am so easy going that I would probably like them. I do really like to try and chase the bunnies in the yard and I actually caught a mouse once. I don’t know why my foster mom was angry with me. I brought it in the house to show her after I caught it out in the garden. She made me take it back outside and drop it! I was so sad, he was my friend. 

I also like my foster sister’s snuffle mat. Searching for food is so much fun and my foster mom says it is also good for my brain! I like all kinds of treats like frozen lick mats with yogurt, peanut butter stuffed KONGs, bones, and treats. My foster mom says they keep me busy and help my puppy teeth feel better.

My dream forever family would take me out where I can run and play but I am also really good at entertaining myself when everyone is too tired to play with me. My favorite things to play with are stuffies (I love to kill them!) and my favorite squishy toy is a small squeaky ball that we call a squishy and it is the best. I love to toss it in the air and then chase it all by myself. I like a good mix of play and cuddle naps. I do like to be close to you when I nap but I am also happy in a fluffy bed next to you on the floor. Could you be my perfect forever family?