I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Spike has a new furever home.
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Hi, my name is Spike. When we were five weeks old, my four siblings and I were found abandoned without our mama on a reservation in South Dakota. That is when the great people at Save-A-Bull saved us and brought us to MN to find forever families. We are so excited to have warm beds and full bellies in our new foster home. I live with one of my brothers at my new home and we have so much fun playing with toys and sleeping with our favorite stuffies. My favorite is my elephant. I love it very much even though it is bigger than me. It is super cuddly and I love to cuddle. My foster mom loves to snuggle me. She says her favorite part of me though is my nose. She says I have the cutest nose with spots that look like a paw print right on the end of it. She said it is her kiss spot, I love her kisses.  

I also have a foster dad, a 12-year-old human foster brother and two fur foster brothers. I love them all and we love to play together. My foster siblings are SO much bigger than me. They are Staffy Terriers like me! One is 1-year-old and plays a little with me, but my favorite is the 60 lb. 7-month-old that lets me pounce all over him. He is so much fun! 

I am working on learning commands, but my foster mom says I am still a baby and will learn them with time and practice. She keeps saying those words and giving me treats and I am ok with that. Someday I want to go to puppy school like the big kids in my foster house. They come home and tell me all of the fun things they get to do, and I want to do them too! They said they get fun treats too. I want those too!

I haven’t quite gotten the potty training down yet, but my foster mom says that I can potty on puppy pads for now and I am so grateful that I always try to use them to make her happy. She makes me keep trying to potty outside though, so I will get used to the cold. I am getting better every day – I am such a good boy sleeping in my kennel at night, I don’t mind at all. I know my foster mom will come and get me in the morning and give me lots of love. Plus, my kennel is super comfy and snuggly.

My dream forever family would have a happy mix of play and cuddle time. I would be happy being the only dog or being part of a pack, either way is great for me as long as I can be with my family a lot. Are you that family?