I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Snickerdoodle has a new furever home.
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To My Secret Admirer,

Hello, I’m Snickerdoodle! If you're reading this, you were obviously charmed by my outrageous good looks, gorgeous gray eyes, and had to know more. But if you're about to apply for me just based on that, please reconsider. I am not for the faint of heart. My eyes are gray like steel because that's what my spine is made of. If you're looking for an easy going puppy and your will isn't also steel, please pass me by or I'll run all over you.

I make my foster parents laugh every single day with my antics. I'm smart, fun, and love to be with my people. I am kennel trained and sleep quietly through the night and while my foster parents work from home. I am already working on my pittie snores. I'm even potty trained (~90%) and whine at the door or ring the bell to let you know when I need to go out.  

I'm extremely smart, as in I'm only four months old and already know six commands reliably: “sit”, “down”, “shake”, “touch”, “kennel” and “wait” (I sit and wait while giving eye contact until you give me the "ok" to eat my meal). My foster mom and I are now working on "leave it", taking treats nicely, and "swing finish" (jump into heel position) and I'll have those down in a week tops. I'm smarter than the average pitbull, and that means I need DAILY training, exercise and mental stimulation. I'm basically a border collie brain in a pitbull body, and that will either make me the best behaved pittie the world has ever seen or it's worst nightmare, and it's entirely dependent on my adopter. 

My foster mom says I have a very serious face (because I'm always thinking of new ways to manipulate her and get around the rules). She also says I'm the easiest to train dog she's ever had. I learned "down" in just 10 minutes and "shake" the following day. So if you want a dog to go on walks, runs or hikes with, to do obedience or agility or service work or scent work with, I'm your girl. If you're hoping for a mellow cuddle bug who will be content with minimal effort, I'm not, and I'll probably grow up and eat your house. 🙂

I love meeting new people, but can get super excited, so probably no young kids until I learn how to play with humans properly. Seriously though, I love meeting new people because they always love to play with me with toys and that's the best!

I am FEARLESS. My foster mom says she's never had a puppy who immediately wrestled with her adult pitbulls without fear, or at least some hiding under the furniture. Loud noises don't seem to scare me. I'm interested in everything humans do and follow them around to see what mischief we can get into. Let's go on an adventure together! Want to climb a mountain? I'll match you step by step! Want to fight crime? I'm the Batman, you're the Robin.

I am dramatic about everything I do. If asked to sit, I will jump vertically and then throw myself to the ground in a perfect sit. I love playing outside in the snow running zoomies and when you call I'll come racing back to you.

I'm not sure how I feel about living with dogs at this point. When I see dogs I perk up and want to play, but I'm also bossy, so I'd need a pretty easy going canine companion if I'm going to have one. I am also perfectly happy without other dogs too. My adopter will need to continue to socialize me with dogs, especially in my first year, so that I retain the good behavior I'm trying to learn right now. I recently had another foster dog friend in the house and I loved playing with him for hours. My play style is a bit like the little girl with braces from Finding Nemo. Unfortunately, cats are not my cup of tea, and probably not other small critters that aren't safely in a cage. I seem to have a lot of prey drive and might hurt them, so no smaller critters for me.

When I don't get enough exercise and one-on-one training every day, I get bored and will chase my tail. Some days this means multiple hours of fetch and tug combined with practicing commands; normal play alone is not enough for me. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT cute and is a sign of mental frustration in a dog. So if on any given day I start chasing my tail, that means I'm bored and you need to give my brain more to do before I self-destruct.

If you are still reading and are ready to go toe-to-toe with this high-spirited girl, please sleep on it and then apply. Will you promise to play with me for the rest of my days? I promise you'll never be lonely or bored again!