I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Sequoia has a new furever home.
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Hey there, Sequoia here! I recently arrived from New Mexico and am getting settled into my foster home and all this white stuff y’all have on the ground here! When the snowfall first arrived I wasn’t so sure about it, and would run back to the door after doing my business to tell my foster mom it was time to go inside. But in all honesty, it’s starting to grow on me. I like eating it, digging in it, and leaping so high that I can run through it! So alright Minnesota, I see you. Your snow isn’t so bad.

When I first arrived at my foster home, I was a little more reserved than my sister (who I live with in my foster home). I was nervous to try new things, and mostly followed her lead. I am fascinated by the big dog who lives here, and want nothing more than to follow him around and play with him, but he got an owie shortly after we arrived, so my foster mom says we can’t rumpus.  

I am a typical puppy with a balance of playful and cuddly spurts. I love toys of all kinds – kongs and nylabones, squeaky toys and ropes, you name it! Tug is probably my favorite though, and sometimes I will try to play tug with the toy my sister is playing with even if it’s not a tug toy. When I’m ready for a break, I grab something cuddly and go lie down in my kennel. I love that place – a perfect cozy spot, just for me! I love cuddling with my sister too, but sometimes you just need a little space, ya know?

My foster mom says I have a really good understanding of routine. I know that when we go outside it’s time to go potty, and have even started whining to tell her it's time to go rather than going in the house. I also know that when we go in the crate it’s time to rest, and I barely even cry. This being a pet thing is easy peasy. Now we’re moving onto tricks, like “sit”. I wonder what I’ll learn next? Maybe you’ll be the one to teach me!