I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Rotini has a new furever home.
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Hi, hi, hi! My name is Rotini and just like the little corkscrew pasta I am a whacky but darling puppy with so much personality. In Italian Rotini means “little wheels” and I was the littlest in my litter but I roll with that and make up for it with my love for life! I am pretty snuggly and would love to cuddle all day, but I also love to be active and play with the other dogs, toys, cats and humans.

I have such soft and sweet eyes and my foster’s say my belly is so cute and round and soft! They love to pet my belly all the time and I relish in that cuddle time. I really like carrying toys around to play with and getting the other dogs to play with me, but if they need some alone time I can entertain myself with a toy too.

I am kennel trained and sleep like a good big boy all night in my kennel. I never have accidents overnight but sometimes in the daytime I forget to ask to go outside while playing – I am working on it. I am pretty good on my leash, but if my foster mom is walking two dogs I like to jump all around and tangle the leashes up. What can I say, I love my foster siblings so much!

I am good with other dogs, I will come right over to say hi but if a dog is not friendly I roll right on my back submissively and then back off. I am also loving my foster cats. They are all super good with me but sometimes I get so excited and I bark at them when they won't pay attention to me. I listen really well though when my foster mom's tell me to quiet down and be gentle. I just really love them! I also have a foster toddler and I love licking him and sharing toys – he loves to throw toys for me even though I don't bring them back yet. 🙂

I am ready to find my forever family. I will show you my sweet sad puppy eyes and will have you hooked forever. I would do well with any family, I just love people! Are you ready for all this cuteness?