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Hello, I’m Pop. I’m a 1-year-old Pitte/Collie mix with the best of both breeds: goofy playfulness and high-energy smarts! My love language is play! Fetch, tug, and chase are some of my favorite games, but laying on my back with a toy in my mouth while you rub my tummy is THE BEST way to pass the time in my opinion.

I’m a fast learner and eager to please, especially when there are treats involved! I love to chew on both hard toys and soft alike, but am very good at only chewing what I’m supposed to. I enjoy being around my family and will likely follow you from room to room. 🙂 I’m good at hanging out during the day while you work, but always ready to play.

I’m potty trained and keep my kennel clean. I can “sit”, “lie down”, “stay/wait”, “leave it”, “drop it”, “come”, “crawl” and give you my paw for the world’s cutest handshake. I’m still practicing all of these, especially if there are distractions. I’ve been working on my heeling during walks and am doing pretty well, but those pesky squirrels really distract me! Overall I’m a well-mannered, amenable boy. I sit and wait for my food as well as before walking through the door if you ask. I’m good at only going on the furniture I’m allowed on. When we play catch, I’ll put the ball right in your hand. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll make the smallest amount of sound to wake you up.

Because I’m high energy, I’m best suited for an active family with someone who works from home and has older kids. I’m good with dog-savvy cats but do like to chase animals that run away from me like rabbits and birds. A smaller home without a fenced in yard likely isn’t the best fit for me given I’m a little boisterous. I’m very loving and trusting with my family but get a little scared when new people are around and I bark at them. With the right introduction, I can be calm and quiet, like if we meet up outside rather than in my yard or house, as I can be protective of my family’s home.

Some other fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I am smart and love to learn new things! I love to snuggle and be loved on but also enjoy my own space, as long as it’s within two feet of you.

What would your dream day consist of?
A long morning walk followed by a good breakfast and some fetch. Lots of playtime, and then a morning nap. A lunch snack, playtime, and an afternoon nap. Dinner, playtime, snuggles. 

What general knowledge TV or movie character are you most like and why?
Bolt because I think I’m a superhero, I’m super active, and I bring cuteness!

What are some of your favorite toys?
I love stuffies, but enjoy hard plastic toys that I can chew on, too. Anything that allows me to play tug is awesome as well.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
Play as much as possible. Long naps in between with the occasional cuddle!

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When my people get home.

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
A family with older kids, another dog or two, and a fun active lifestyle. A family that will help me continue to overcome my nervousness with strangers and keep training me to build my confidence – I’ve got a lot of potential. I want to be the fun at the heart of my family and your sidekick in adventure!

You can learn more about me on my very own Instagram page: adopt_pop_mn. Check me out!

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  • Terrier - American Staffordshire
  • Male
  • Puppy (6 - 24 Months) (07/29/2022)
  • 51 - 60 Pounds
  • Black & White
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
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