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Hello, I’m Sylvie. I really have too many enviable physical characteristics! Some might say it's my sleek black coat and how I have white that splashes in and out around my body. But I'm going to have to go with the usual and say my eyes. They are dark and soulful. I dare you to stare into them and not fall in love! I am pretty big for being three months old, but I'm still really just a baby. If you're strong enough I really don't mind being carried like one over your shoulder! I'll just nuzzle my head right in your neck or take advantage of being near your face and lean in for a kiss or two. I was found in Texas with my two other sisters, we are after all proper southern ladies. We needed to make a break for it and hitched a ride up to Minnesota. Let me tell you, I am definitely enjoying this cooler weather.

Potty training has been a breeze so far and I'm proud to say I'm on an accident-free streak! I have my own house I go into at night – it's filled with warm blankets, toys, and bones to chew. I like to be extra cozy with a blanket over my house. When I get a little lonely my humans play classical piano music to soothe me to sleep. My house is in the lower level of my human's home. I like having my own space to go to at night. I am trying my best at "sit" and "off". I love to play fetch with ropes and stuffed animals. My go to is a good bone to chew on if I'm just lounging around. I haven't been in Minnesota long and haven't had the chance to take a training class, but I know I would love to take some. I will do just about anything for treats and love from my humans!

I have two human siblings who love on me more than I could ever have hoped for! The girl is 12 and the boy is 14. We get along great! I have not had the privilege of meeting any cats yet. I live with two Save-A-Bull alumni dogs. Blanche is a wise 6-year-old southern lady like myself, and Stanley is a 2-year-old gent. I love to be around confident dogs like these two. They are a bit older than myself and know the ropes. Blanche pretty much leaves me alone, sometimes we might go for a run together outside. Stanley is a lot of fun and loves to play with me, we especially love to chase around in the backyard. Stanley is fast, but I think I'll beat him soon. My favorite activity at the moment is playing with Blanche and Stanley!

My dream day is really pretty simple. I'd love to run, play fetch, and cuddle up with my forever family or person for a good snooze. I would like to think I am the best dog in the entire world! I just have so much love to give. Hugs, kisses, snuggles – I have it all to share. Whether I find one person or several, I will surely be the luckiest girl around to find a forever home. I'm not too picky – I just have a lot of love to give!

  • Terrier - American Staffordshire
  • Female
  • Baby (07/03/2022) - Estimated
  • Fawn & White
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
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