I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Patty has a new furever home.
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Hi! It’s me again, Patty, of the deep brown eyes and loving smile!! I just wanted to give you an update of all things me…what else?!

I have totally rocked the potty training thing and haven’t had any accidents in months. My foster mom is so amazed by my ability to take care of business – whether it is snowing, raining or even windy as heck (my foster brother hates to go out in the windy weather ???) and says I’m the best girl ever.

I’ve blossomed a lot with my new foster brothers showing me the way to be a good doggo, and I’ve come out of my shell after meeting more and more people that want to say hello and give me a good pet or belly rub. I am still learning though, so sometimes I do still have moments of shyness or get scared by those dang things called yard tools and brooms. Oh well, having a quirk or two is okay my foster mom says, but I am still a pup and becoming more brave every day.

I’ve mastered the art of playing fetch and will even bring the ball back to you to keep going and going and going, sometimes initiating play by bringing the ball to you and getting your attention with it. Although if I can be honest, my favorite thing of late is chewing on a yummy bone, antler or Himalayan chew. I can entertain myself with one of these by chewing it, hopping around it and dancing, or by tossing it around my dog bed – apparently this is considered being goofy and makes my foster mom laugh – who knew?!

I’ve also started obedience training – I rock the “sit” and wait for my food and have graduated from being a hoover during meals, to the polite little lady I knew I could be. I hope to tell you I’d much rather just eat all the goodies and play with the other pups during training, but I will try my hardest to make my foster mom proud of what I can learn. 

After all the places I’ve visited and experiences I’ve had – I’ve decided I would love to have a family that has a home to wander around in, that has a friend for me to play with, a yard I can play ball or do zoomies in – but overall a loving home that will be patient with me and love me as I am, quirks and all! Could this be you?

Patty (aka Pattycake)