I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Norman has a new furever home.
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Hey there! I'm Norman, a big-hearted Rhodesian Ridgeback. I was found locally and brought to animal control, where I was quickly scooped up by my foster family at Save-A-Bull to start my journey of finding my forever home!

Right now, I'm living with my foster parents, three doggy siblings, and sometimes another foster puppy. One of my foster siblings is a Rhodesian like me. She’s teaching me a lot. It’s my favorite when the other foster puppy is here because he is my best friend in the world! I’ve been around a few cats too. They are all mean to me, but I won’t let that stop me from trying to play with them! 

When my foster family first took me in, I was very underweight, and it was clear that I hadn’t previously received much (if any) training. They had their work cut out for them! They started by making me feel safe, comfortable, and fattening me up (which is my favorite part).

Kennel training has been a bit of a challenge for me, I must confess. But with lots of positive reinforcement and consistency, I'm slowly getting more comfortable in my kennel. At first, I cry a bit because I miss my people. Eventually I settle down and can sleep through the night like a champ! 

I'm also working hard on potty training, and let me tell you, I'm getting better every single day! Plus, I've been working on some commands like “sit”, ”down”, and ”come”. I’m nailing those commands. Oh, I should probably mention I've got this habit of play-biting, but I'm learning to control it with a little redirection and training. I'm a quick learner, and I love making my people happy, and I double love it when they give me treats!!

Now, about me being quirky and cute – well, that's just who I am! You see, I'm still figuring out this whole "using my big body" thing, so I can be pretty floppy and clumsy at times. But hey, it just adds to my charm, right? My foster mom is always telling me I’m the cutest in the universe – she’s such a sucker. And let me tell you, I'm all about the love! I’m naturally a good boy and would never hurt a fly on purpose. I'm a total cuddle bug and always want to be around my people, soaking up all the affection I can get. If you really want to know the way to my heart, it’s lots of treats and a solid couch cuddle with my people.

I’m a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which means I’m loyal, smart, and strong-willed. I’m athletic and will be very big and strong when I’m done growing so I require regular exercise, and lots of high-quality food. I’m protective of my family and can be aloof with strangers. I have this slick ridge on my back people are always commenting on. If you think you want to adopt me, please do some research on my breed to make sure you understand what it takes to have a Rhodesian in your family. 

Do you think I could be the right fit for you? I can’t wait to meet you!