I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Milkbone has a new furever home.
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Hello! My name is Milkbone but my foster family calls me Ella. My best features are my ears, which are always standing at attention! I’ve got super soft black fur and incredibly soulful eyes. 

My foster mom says I am the easiest foster dog she’s ever had! She tells me I’m so, so smart and says I could be a service dog with the right training. I’m always looking to her and my other foster family members for guidance and commands. I know “sit,” “down,” “shake” and am working on “leave it.”(I learned these all in my first week in my foster home!) 

I used to hate being on a leash but since I came to my new foster home, walks are my FAVORITE! My mom says I walk better than the two dogs who live here. I love walks but don’t go potty on them, so my forever home needs to have a backyard where I can do my business. A fenced in yard would be great so I can hang out there when the weather gets nice. I haven’t had any accidents in my foster home, which my foster mom says hasn’t happened with any of her other foster pups! So, yes, I’m a very good girl.

I love it at my foster home! I have two little humans I live with, who I just adore. I also live with two adult Pitbulls who I love to play with (the one doesn’t care for me so I just stay out of his way). It’s great here, but I’d love a home of my own. 

My ideal home would have folks in it who are home a lot. I don’t care to be away from my people. I’m fine in my kennel if I know my people are home, but I get a little stressed when I know they’ve left me. My foster mom has been giving me a butcher bone when she has to leave, which keeps me very entertained and happy while she’s gone. I love to lay in the same room as my people, or on their laps, and my foster mom says I’m incredibly low maintenance. I don’t even get into things, which is amazing because I’m only 6 months old.

I’d also love a home with a back yard. I’m “one with the cold” so I love to be outside, even in the winter. I’d love a family who will take me hiking and walking a lot. I feel like there’s so much I haven’t seen yet and would love someone to take me exploring.

I’m still learning how to dog, so I’d love to have another dog in my home. I’d love to have another pup to teach me how to play and how to relax when my humans aren’t home. 

Do you need a dog who will always be by your side? Do you want to love me forever and ever? Fill out an application and maybe we can be each other's forever family!