I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Marge has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Marge. Have you ever gotten sucked into a certain social media channel? The entertainment and the lifestyle is exciting and you start to dream about those adventures you see online? You keep watching and imagining, and then you start believing that could be you. I admit, this was me. I got sucked in, I gave this lifestyle a whirl, and it was great!  At least, it was for a little while.

To make this exciting new life happen, I connected with a really great couple. They brought me on weekend adventures, and I even experienced the "Lake Life".  I loved the boat – we cruised the lake and I had the wind in my face. There were parties, new friends, and so much excitement. But after about a month of this dream life, it all caught up with me. I was EXHAUSTED.

I did some soul-searching and had to be honest with myself. As much as I wanted to be that doggo, I realized it's JUST. NOT. ME. I can't keep up that pace! And really, all those people around, ALL THE TIME – no thanks. I learned through this little adventure of mine that I needed to love myself for who I am and stop pretending to be someone else. So who am I?

My Likes:

  1. I love to sleep! In bed, on the couch, on the deck, in the grass. Doesn't matter where – I just like to sleep!
  2. I like it quiet. A few people are okay, but I'm really not the social butterfly I thought I could be. I can handle a couple roommates, but hopefully I'll have my own room so I can get away from everyone when I choose to.
  3. I like snacks. I'm not one of those girls who's going to count every calorie and watch my figure. I believe in treating myself to a cookie once in a while, or even better – marshmallows straight out of the bag. They're the best! Sugar rush and fat free! Nothing wrong with that, right?
  4. I am NOT a hiker! Cute pants and fake photos of hikes and hammocks for social media? NOPE! I don't need it. Give me a backyard for a very short workout in my cut-offs, and I am happy. The Viszlas can have the long hikes!
  5. I like routine. I like knowing what my day is going to hold. I like scheduling my naps and my meals. Consistency is good.
  6. I DO like the wind in my face! This was the best part of the boat. But I can get this from a car ride once in a while as well.

My Dislikes:

  1. Other animals. If it has four legs, the chase is on! I WILL get a chipmunk or squirrel one of these days. I've been staking out the chipmunk paths and have been very patient watching for them. I feel like I'm getting closer every day! The larger animals (like other dogs) should also be on the lookout – I'm just not a fan and I'm not afraid to voice my opinion.
  2. Parties. They exhaust me. They're loud and busy, and I'm really a wallflower at heart. Netflix and a couch is more my style.

That's about it, really. I'm easy going and happy in my own skin. I've learned alot about myself and what makes me, ME. If this sounds like your lifestyle too, we should totally meet! I love connecting with those people with whom I have a lot in common – they tend to feel like old friends from the start. We can be together without talking and it's not even awkward. You know exactly what I mean, right? Send me a message and we'll chat!

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