I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Loki has a new furever home.
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Hi, my name is Loki and I’m going to melt your heart! I am a local pup that was lovingly surrendered so I could live my best life. Could that be with you? Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a gorgeous 14-week-old boy with a beautiful gray coat with white patches, including white toes. But it’s my Sinatra blue eyes that will immediately make you fall in love with me. I’m a little guy, coming in at just under 20 lbs., but I’m growing fast and have a big appetite!

As a puppy, I do get a little scared being in this big world. There are just so many people, sounds, and so much I’m not used to. However, I’m getting braver each day! It does help to have someone who makes me feel safe and secure, so I’m really hoping my adoptive family can help me feel that, as well as help me gain confidence. But as soon as I know you’re my people and going to take loving care of me, I will adore and love you to pieces. Right now, that is my foster mom. I feel best in her arms and will sprint so fast to get there to get and give all the love. From her lap I love to take naps, and just watch my foster family – which includes human kids and a foster dog sister – go about life. I really love the human kids (who are eight and nine years old) and my foster dad (and he’s a big guy!), but I’m just extra attached to my foster mom.

Speaking of my foster dog sister (who is also a Save-A-Bull alumni) – I like her quite a bit and she’s been showing me the ropes on how to be a dog. I’m learning that since I’m still just a little guy I can’t really take what I dish out to her, but thankfully she’s being patient with me. I really love to chase her around the yard, then when I get tuckered out I find my mom’s lap again. I also like to steal my sister’s toys. 🙂 What can I say, I’m still figuring it out! With that said, I think I’d be fine in a family with another dog, but I also really would not mind being the only dog to hog all of the love and attention. I haven’t met cats or other animals yet.

As you can see in my pics, I’ve mastered “sit” and my most recent trick is “shake”! I’m a quick learner and quite smart, so would love to continue learning and training. I love walks and do well on my leash, and my favorite games are tug, fetch, and of course chewing on a good nylabone. My kennel is a positive place for me and I sleep all night in there without a peep, as well as several daytime naps too. I’m doing pretty well with potty training and seem to know I’m supposed to go outside, but sometimes I just can’t make it (especially if it's cold and raining).

My dream home would be with an active and patient person or family who could be patient with me as I learn, as I’m a typical puppy who likes to chew, steal shoes, and sometimes has accidents in the house. They would make me feel safe and loved since new situations can be scary for me. But in return, when I make you my person (or people), I will make you feel so incredibly loved! My snuggles are the BEST, and my foster mom sometimes gets nothing done because the feeling when I cuddle up in her arms and nuzzle my little face into her neck is just so wonderful that she doesn’t want to move off the couch. Do you want to be my person and let me snuggle with you?