I've found my furever family!

Little Apple

We're happy to tell you that Little Apple has a new furever home.
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I am so excited to finally meet you…my future family! My name is Little Apple, but foster mom keeps calling me “momma.” Foster mom says I am the most beautiful silvery-brown she has ever seen, and that my coat is super soft. My ears have mind of their own, can you guess how many different positions they can be? I came to Save a Bull from New Mexico with five little pups. The pups were found under an overpass when they were a few days old, and when the sister shelter came by the next day, they found me with full milk bags. So, the assumption is that I was the mom, but they tell me they are doing some DNA testing to find out. Either way, my foster mom says I was still a great mom, whether they were mine or not…and she says that makes me extra special. Foster mom says I am a natural empath, because when she got hurt, I stayed at her side and cuddled and licked until I knew she was ok…she said that was a very special moment.

I currently live in a foster home with two resident dogs (male and female). I get along great with the adult dogs in the house, and only had one little scuffle when I was bit by a bee (that hurt!). One is teaching me how to play and the other one sets the rules and lets me know when I do good…so of course, I try to pay attention as much as my momma brain will allow and soak it all in. They have been very patient and understanding of me, and actually motivate and cheerlead me when I do awesome things. I also love cuddling with one of the resident dogs, he doesn’t seem to mind me sleeping on his back. While I eat alone in my room, I have not shown any food or treat aggression with the other dogs. In fact, we all train together with treats and I know everyone gets one!

I have been working on training with my foster mom…it helps that she is a professional dog trainer! I am crate trained and sleep in my crate at night, (and don’t bark anymore when she closes the door) it is the best spot because it is so comfy! When foster mom is gone longer, she crates me, but sometimes she just lets me hang out since I haven’t had any potty accidents. I am really good at sitting for things, and now that my puppies are gone, we are working on more advanced skills, like leave its, stays, and things like that. I am easy to train because I love working for treats, and foster mom says I am pretty smart because I catch on pretty quickly. One of my biggest habits is when I meet you, I like to sit and hold out my hand for a shake! I have also learned that a quick “uh uh” means I am doing something sneaky and should probably stop.

I absolutely love toys, especially tennis balls and furry things I can tear all the stuffing out of. But, my biggest pleasure is a good deer antler and that will keep me busy for hours! I love being outside, and sit on an elevated dog bed and chew whatever I choose to bring out with me. I am definitely an aggressive chewer, but have not chewed anything that wasn’t allowed…not even shoes! My favorite play is with the other dogs, and we have a lot of fun chasing each other around the yard. But, I also have learned to play independently and can certainly amuse myself if others are busy. But my older foster brother does like to play tug with me, and we wrestle bully style!

I am working very hard on becoming confident and curious girl, and am learning that asking permission by looking to mom is the way to live a good life. I really like being outside, and found that laying in the sun is a great activity! Mostly, I like to be with others in the house, whether it’s a canine sibling or foster mom, because cuddling up is simply the best! My ideal home would have another dog (preferably but not necessary), and a family who like to walk/hike, play, and take me to all the fun places (because I walk very well on a leash and don’t get overly excited around new places). Foster mom says I am the perfect brewery dog (although she won’t let me drink because she says I’m not 21)! :) So send in your application now to meet me because I know we are going to be best friends!

Vetting to be completed prior to adoption: 4DX Needed