I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that JJ has a new furever home.
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Hey there, folks! JJ here, ready to introduce myself and steal your hearts with my adorable woofs. First things first, have you seen my stunning red brindle coat? It's like a fiery sunset, and it sets me apart from the pack. And my eyes? Oh, they're as green as peridot, sparkling with curiosity and happiness. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I've got a soul full of love to share.

I'm an outdoor enthusiast through and through. Rain or shine, summer or winter, you'll find me frolicking outside, exploring the wonders of nature. Whether it's chasing falling leaves, playing in the snow, chewing on sticks or simply basking in the warm sun, I'm at my happiest when I can feel the fresh air on my fur.

Now let's talk toys, my dear humans. I'm a connoisseur of all things chewable. Sticks, ropes, and chew toys? Count me in! I love sinking my teeth into fun, stimulating playthings that keep me entertained and help me channel my energy in a positive way. Life's too short for boring toys, right?

Guess what? I'm a pro when it comes to my kennel. It's like my cozy little den, a safe haven where I feel secure and comfortable. I go in there when the foster parents have to leave and don't mind that my dog friend hangs out in the same room as me. And potty training? Piece of cake! I've got that covered too. I've learned the importance of doing my business outside, making life more enjoyable and mess-free for everyone involved.

My elephant in the room, let's talk about my feelings around men. I can be a bit wary at first, but fear not! Training has been a game-changer for me. With patience and positive reinforcement, I'm learning that men can be just as awesome as anyone else. Step-by-step, I'm building trust and becoming more at ease around them. It has really helped me when my foster doggie siblings snuggle with the male of the house.

I've got a natural talent for making you laugh with my silly antics. Life's too short to be serious all the time, right? But don't let my goofiness fool you. I'm also gentle and super sweet. I'll shower you with cuddles, snuggles, and soft kisses that warm your heart and make you feel loved. I am super smart and can't wait to learn all new tricks that you will teach me!

Now, let's address the barking situation. I'm not much of a barker, unless I'm caught up in the excitement of playtime. I'm a vocal pup, expressing my joy and enthusiasm through joyful yips and barks. It's my way of saying, "Let's have some fun!"

Did you see that I'm part shepherd? Well, that means I'm going to be a big girl when I grow up. But don't worry, my puppy personality is here to stay. And when I give you my trust, it's yours forever. If I were to be fortunate and have 2-legged siblings they should be a little bit older. I mean I am still learning spatial awareness! BOL!

Great news for doggy lovers! I get along well with all dogs. We can have playdates, go on long walks, and share a world of doggy adventures. As for small critters – I tend to ignore them. My focus is on the bigger things in life – like love, play, and making memories with my favorite humans.

So, there you have it, my friends! I'm JJ, the beauty with the piercing green eyes, here to capture your heart with my charm. With my soft kisses, energetic spirit, and playful nature, I'm more than just a pup – I'm a lifelong companion in the making. If you're searching for a loyal and loving friend who'll brighten your days and fill your life, look no further!

JJ is sponsored by Stu M.
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