I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Hippo has a new furever home.
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My name is (Pygmy) Hippo of the Endangered Species Litter, and I am so excited to go home with you! My momma (Peregrine who is already adopted) was found pregnant in New Mexico. When they found her, the animal shelter was going to spay her and abort us – but then someone in MN of all places said she could come here! So, me and my eight siblings were born in MN a week after momma was transported here. So far, MN has been great, and my foster mom says I am the best because I was the first to open my eyes (see picture) and the first to jump out of the whelping box!

My current foster mom (who whelped my litter) says I am a confident young lad. I might come off as shy at first, but I spend a lot of time observing and learning! After the litter was split up, I initially went to live with some of my siblings, a bunch of kids and adults, and some full grown dogs. I did really well there and had an awesome time! At my current foster home, I have two older dogs to keep me company, a 3-year-old male and 5-year-old female. One is teaching me how to play and the other one sets the rules and lets me know when I do well – so of course, I try to pay attention as much as my puppy brain will allow and soak it all in. They have been very patient and understanding of me, and actually motivate and cheerlead me when I do awesome things.

I have been working on kennel training and eating my meals in my kennel. Although at night, I sleep in the foster mom’s bedroom usually on a pillow, she said I gained that right when I stopped having to potty in the middle of the night. Of course I probably will have some accidents because I am still learning, but I haven’t had any mistakes here in a few days. I love going potty outside – there are so many smells and places to go, and I know it makes my foster mom super happy. I have also learned that ringing the bell is a good way to get that back door open!

I love meeting new dogs and seeing my other siblings at events – I follow adult dogs around because I can always learn new things from them. I have realized how much fun toys are, especially those ones that crinkle and squeak! I really like to play tug with the male dog, but it doesn’t last long and we end up just kissing each other. I love the snow and eating the ice outside. There are fun paths shoveled out in the yard for me to follow, so I can run some laps!

We haven’t done a ton of training yet, because we are still so young. But I am learning to “sit” and “down” with treats, and am working on name recognition and recall (foster mom says my recall is the best, I almost always come when called!). We are also doing impulse control activities, and am learning to take treats nicely and to not nip and bite with my sharp puppy teeth. I have also learned that a quick “uh uh” means I am doing something sneaky and should probably stop, but of course I’m a puppy so I will probably try again anyway!

I am a very confident and curious boy, and am learning that asking permission by looking to mom is the way to live a good life. I really like being outside, and found that cuddling with my foster mom is the best activity ever! Sometimes I think she is a mountain I get to climb up and around. I have met kids of many ages and love them, they have so much energy! Mostly, I like to cuddle up with the other dogs or my foster mom, or with siblings, we just make a big pile of puppy love. My foster mom says that I am really smart, so I am looking forward to learning how to be a really good boy.

I would love to meet you!