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Hi! My name is Galloway. My foster mom named me after a galloway cow! I’m a pretty remarkable eight week old pit bull mix boy. I was found all by myself running around a nature reserve at about five weeks old. The nice people at animal control thought the rescue could take care of me best. Something about a shelter is no place for a puppy this young. So I became a rescue dog. How lucky am I!

My foster home has me living with a bunch of dogs who are helping me with socialization, which is so crucial at my age. I am currently working on potty training. My foster mom says I’m doing well. I’m so smart that I learned how to use the doggy door after only being here a few days. I am working on kennel training. Give me a treat and I’ll go right in! Though, I will usually send out the call of my people to see if someone will let me out. Currently, I spend about 3-4 hours in the kennel and then I get a potty break. During the night, I sleep with my foster parents and the herd of dogs. I go all night without a single accident! We have been working on basic obedience. I know “sit”, “touch”, and am working on “off”. I recently found my voice and realized I can bark, so next I’m sure “quiet” will be worked on too. I will do anything for a treat – I love food!

I am living with a bunch of big dogs. My neighbors have a small dog and I like her. I haven’t met any cats, but I can’t imagine we won’t be friends. I love, love, love kids. They squeal, I get excited, we play. Puppy heaven! Since I am a puppy, I still have some of those puppy behaviors. I love pants and feet. I just don’t understand why my foster humans don’t get that I should bite them as they flaunt them in front of my face. We’re working on this. I think I’m going to win this one, maybe – my foster mom says no. You see, I’m kind of stubborn, I like to have my way, but what puppy doesn’t. My foster mom says we have rules, and everyone needs to follow them. So, I guess we are working on that too.

If you are looking for a smart (sometimes stubborn), wonderful snuggler, cutest, fun-loving, adventurous, little moo-cow looking puppy to be a part of your family – then I’m your guy! Oh, I forgot sweet. My foster mom says I’m sooooo sweet. Fill out an application and let’s get a date on the calendar!

  • Terrier - American Staffordshire
  • Male
  • Baby (02/24/2022) - Estimated
  • Black and White
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