I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Frankie has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Frankie. I am a very spunky and energetic puppy who loves to play! I recently made a big trip from Texas to Minnesota to come stay with my Save-A-Bull foster family. I've been having a lot of fun with them and I've learned a lot too. But now I'm ready to go home to my furever family!

The first thing you may notice about me is I have some patches where my fur is missing, but don't worry! While I was in Texas I caught mange which is common for stray dogs, especially in the south. But it is all taken care of and I'm healthy now. My skin has healed well, it will just take some time for my fur to grow back.

Potty training is also going great! For the most part, I go outside and have very few accidents. I know to go outside and usually go right away when I get outside. I am doing a great job so far in my kennel training. I sleep through the night and do a pretty good job when my foster parents have to leave the house. I will whine for a little bit, but I am quiet and sleep most of the time. I don't mind relaxing in my kennel between play sessions while you do chores, work from home, etc. I also have learned my name and know it pretty well. I'm working on learning "sit" and I also know "no" very well. I love getting treats for learning new things. I am watching the other dogs and learning from them as well. I love to play with toys! Nylabones and balls are my favorite so far. Chewing on a bone is helpful for me to relieve some of my energy and let me use my teeth. I haven't quite learned fetch yet, but I do love running after the ball. 

In my foster home I live with two adult dogs and a cat. I love playing with the other dogs! We run zoomies together and wrestle. I play hard and love to roughhouse. Sometimes I get a little carried away while playing and my foster parents have to remind me to play more gently. I listen well to redirection and being told "no." I would do really well living with a confident dog who could teach me to be respectful when playing with other dogs. I would also do best without a cat as I really love to play with him too. My foster parents say he doesn't like to play like I do. But I think he just looks so fluffy and fun to play with that I have trouble resisting the urge to play with him. I am never aggressive when playing, just a little overexcited. I have so much energy in my little body that it's hard to contain it all sometimes. 🙂 

I also really love my humans! I love to get pets and snuggles or any kind of attention. I am working on learning to stay down. I jump up sometimes, especially when I am happy to see you. I also am working on not play biting. I don't mean any harm, I just am trying to tell you that I want to play. My foster parents tell me no and redirect me to a toy and I listen. I am also working on overcoming some of my fears. I get nervous and frightened around loud noises, such as cars driving by, the neighbor's dog barking, etc. My foster parents have been trying to show me that despite the noises I hear, I'm safe and I don't need to worry. My new family will probably have to continue working on this with me. 

My foster parents say my forever family will be patient and commit to working on training with me. I am a great learner and will need my family to keep up the work so that I can kick some of my puppy habits. An obedience class could be really great for me! I would love a family who is active and able to help me burn my energy by playing or going for walks. But I also do enjoy lounging on the couch and taking a long nap after a big play session – especially if I can snuggle up with you!

My foster parents say that I'm a very special dog and I will make my forever family so happy! Being a puppy I do have a lot to learn, but I have been working very hard to become the best boy so I can find the perfect family. Could this be you?