I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Faith has a new furever home.
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Greetings new family! I am Faith, and you know you “gotta have Faith!” My journey started in South Dakota, where my four siblings and I were found abandoned without our mom on a reservation when we were only five weeks old. Luckily for us, Save-A-Bull brought us to Minnesota to be cared for and to learn how to be awesome little doggies. I am so grateful because so far in my short little life, I have had the best time ever!

I am currently living in a foster home (the one who had all five of us at first!) with an adult brother and sister doggies. I also had a 9-month-old foster sister, but she went to her forever home. I get along great with the adult dogs in the house. One is teaching me how to play and the other one sets the rules and lets me know when I am doing well – so of course, I try to pay attention as much as my puppy brain will allow and soak it all in. They have been very patient and understanding of me, and actually motivate and cheerlead me when I do awesome things. I also love cuddling with one of the resident dogs, he doesn’t seem to mind me sleeping on his back.

I have been working on training with my foster mom, it helps that she is a professional dog trainer! She always says how happy she is with my potty training progress. I mostly go outside now, and have even been working on ringing the bell on the door when I have to potty. When inside, there is also a potty pad in the house just in case, and I tend to use that if I just can’t make it. We are making a lot of progress with the biting, because I hear that my little puppy teeth are sharp! I am doing really well at redirection and not chomping on ankles anymore. I am also working on crate training. I sleep in my crate at night in my foster mom’s bedroom, and tend to sleep through the night. I haven’t had any potty accidents in my crate, because that is where I sleep. I do whine a bit when crated in the main living space, but that’s because I miss you! As far as other obedience training, I’m pretty young for that, but am getting really good at name recognition, recall, and sitting. I have also learned that a quick “uh uh” means I am doing something sneaky and should probably stop.

Toys are the greatest things ever! I am learning the difference between sanctioned toys (balls, ropes, squeakers) and non-sanctioned toys (shoes!!!!). I really like the squeaky toys and rope toys (it helps that mom soaks the rope toys in chicken broth). I also have a bunch of teething toys for when I need something a little harder to gnaw on. Because there are so many toys, I haven’t destroyed anything in the house yet (fingers crossed!). My foster mom laughs at me because I play hard for about 15 minutes and then crash! I have also learned to play independently and can certainly amuse myself if others are busy.

I am a very confident and curious girl, and am learning that asking permission by looking to my foster mom is the way to live a good life. I really like being outside, and found that laying in the sun is a great activity! I haven’t met any kids, but I am a puppy so I will definitely be ok with them. I haven’t met any cats either, but ditto with kids. Mostly, I like to cuddle up with the other dogs or my foster mom, and when I get to see my siblings, we just make a big pile of puppy love. I am really smart, so I am looking forward to learning how to be a really good girl!

My ideal family would be one with an older dog I can follow around and learn from, and any and all humans who would want to cuddle with me. Could that be you?