I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Diego has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Diego! I've heard my best physical attribute is my hair. I am spotted like a leopard in blacks and grays, and have all tan feet. My face has a perfect straight line down the center that separates my solid-colored and multi-colored hair, and I've been told that this distinction makes me truly unique. I think I'm a ninja or a spy. I love to sneak up and then run and pounce on my brother. When I run and jump you should see how high I fly! I was born in New Mexico. My littermates and I decided we didn't want to live down south anymore, so we decided to hitch a ride up to Minnesota in search of forever homes.

Potty training is something my brother and I are really working hard on. We were pretty young when we came into rescue, and still are young and learning. As long as the humans pay attention and do their job, I make it outside to go to the bathroom. But sometimes accidents happen when the humans get too busy. I have just started to figure out which door leads to the bathroom though, and I have sat there patiently a few times waiting to go use the bathroom. I have been sleeping in a kennel since I got to my foster home. I might give a whimper or two, but quiet down pretty quick. I have been lucky enough to be in a home with my brother, and we have shared the kennel at night. We love to cuddle up together, but are currently working on an upgrade into our own spaces. My foster home has a nice puppy area set up downstairs. We have our own area gated off, and our two kennels are in there too and that’s where I sleep at night. My brother and I also have all the toys and fluffy blankets we could ever need.

I am working so hard on potty training, kennel training, and “sit”. I'm so little, you can't expect me to be perfect yet. It will take some growth and some time. I'm sure trying hard though, and I love the extra love and attention I get when I do something that makes my foster parents proud of me. I haven't taken any classes yet, but I know I would love to join one. Humans, puppies, extra attention, and treats – sign me up! I was a little too young to have treats when I came into rescue, but I love my food. If a treat is as tasty as my food I'm sure I will do anything for one. Right now I just get extra love and ear scratches for doing a job well done, and I'm happy with that.

I have two human foster siblings. Mikey just turned 14, and Kara will be 12 next month. I love them both so much, and they both are equally happy to snuggle with me and a cozy blanket. I haven't had the chance to meet or interact with any cats, but I'm sure I would get along with one just fine. I live with two Save-A-Bull alumni dogs, so they are showing me the ropes. Blanche is a beautiful girl and she is almost six, she is pitbull/boxer mix, and about 50 lbs. She likes me, but tends to keep to herself. Stanley is like a horse, he is much taller than the rest of us. My foster parent’s think he is a weimeraner, mountain cur, pit mix. Stanley is two years old, and closer to 60 lbs. He still acts like a puppy and wants to play with me. When I play with my brother we run, wrestle, and tumble until we are tired. When the bigger dogs try to play with me I back down quickly and hide. Then run out and chase them all over again.

Some other fun facts about me are:
What are your favorite activities during play or interactions with other dogs?
I love all sorts of play! When I play with the bigger dogs I chase and hide. When I play with my brother the wrestling match is on. We play tug-of-war, we chew on the same bones, and then we run and tumble down the grassy hill. Repeat this until we crash and fall asleep in a dog pile.

Why are you the very best dog?
I am pretty lazy! I really love my play time, but my sleep time just might be my favorite. This means I love to cuddle and be near my human.

What are some of your favorite toys?
I love them all! Bones, ropes, and stuffed animals. The squeakier the better!

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
My body wiggles the most when I see my humans or when I see my dinner being prepared.

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
One person, three, or five. The number of people doesn't matter, just the amount of love. A warm lap to cuddle up on and someone to hug me tight, that's all I need. Could this be you?