I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Dakota has a new furever home.
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Hi everyone, I’m Dakota and my foster mom says I’m a 40 pound GEM. I am truly a happy-go-lucky girl! I want to be friends with everyone I see, this will include the squirrels, but they are scared of me. 🙂 I wanna tell you a bit about my awesome self. I was found on the streets of Minneapolis wandering around. Animal control found me and then I found myself in doggy jail. Luckily my friends from Save-A-Bull helped me out, and now I’m in a wonderful foster home.

My temperament is easy going. You wanna go for a jog? I will go right next to you. You wanna enjoy a nice slow paced walk? I will continue right next to your side. My leash walking skills are amazing! I really love fetching and will bring the ball back to you. I am learning how to do scent work activities to burn some mental energy. I get lots of attention when I go for my walks – people see me and smile at me – they always tell me how awesome, beautiful, and friendly I am.

I am learning that potty is only outside of the house. I have only had two accidents so far. Since then my foster mom gives me lots of breaks to the back yard for me to learn that potty is on the grass, and the best part is that I get treats after I potty outside. I like my kennel very much. I sleep there at night and stay in my kennel when my foster mom goes to work. The only time I whimper a little bit is in the morning when I hear her alarm, but I’m just trying to help her to wake up, because I cannot wait to start another day.

My foster human is helping me to understand my boundaries, she said I am working on something called manners. I think I just like to have my nose in everything everyone is doing – I am simply curious and I like to explore, though my foster mom tells me that not everyone likes that. So, my foster mom is teaching me  something called “place.” This way she said it is clear to me where I need to be at certain times, like when people are eating, when she is making food, to decompress from a walk, or when I need a break from playing. I like to please everyone and have no problem following the rules, so when she teaches me how to do things, I learn fast and then we practice, and I am good at learning and following commands. 

I have not been around kids, but every time I walk and see kids I love it when they give me attention and all I want is to love them. Like I said – I am always happy, I think life is fun no matter what we do! I am content with anything, I do bring lots of joy whatever I am. I have not been around cats, but I bet I can get along with them. I am currently living with two dogs, and all I want is to play, play, play! I need help guiding me to take a break. I am also learning to not be as rough when I play, because that gets me into trouble with them sometimes. However, when the dogs correct me I do listen to them, and I am very submissive with them. 

My foster tells me that anyone that wants to share their journey with me will be very lucky to have me, because I am one of the easiest dogs she has ever had. Could this be you?


Vetting Note: Dakota has 1 kidney. This was discovered at her spay. Dogs with one functioning kidney can live a full and healthy life.