I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Cordelia has a new furever home.
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My name is Cordelia and my coat is as gorgeous as my name! I have symmetrical fawn markings on my head and ears, and a beautiful mix of fawn and white throughout the rest of me. I’ve been told my eyes sparkle and are a pretty shade of blue.

I am still pretty young, but am slowly learning where I am expected to relieve myself. I do need to be told quite often when and where to use the bathroom, but every once in a while I find my voice and make some noise at the back door. Then the humans magically appear and let me out to use the bathroom. I get the best belly rubs when I do that! I currently sleep in a kennel at night. I don’t always love it, and sometimes I even voice my opinion. I do settle in for the night after I say my piece. I’ve heard my humans say it will just take more practice, so I’m pretty confident that means I’ll get the hang of it in no time. I think I’m a little too young yet to be expected to know so many things. I do a lot of things my humans like, just not in command yet. I sit on my own all the time, and often I hear “good sit” and get some ear scratches. I haven’t taken any obedience classes yet, but I already know I’ll be excited to learn tricks. I love other dogs and people, so I’m in as long as there are others to meet. I’m so young still, I don’t think my tummy is quite ready for treats. I do love those nice ear scratches and belly rubs that I get so much. I think I would do just about anything that would get me that kind of attention.

One of my little quirks is that I detest dining alone. I have a play pen where my humans think I’ll eat my meals alone, but I really enjoy the company of my human foster family while I enjoy my food. I think as I mature I will enjoy a little more “me” time.  In another life I may have been some kind of ninja warrior. I’ve already mastered scaling my play pen and jumping to freedom!

I have two human siblings that I am head over heels in love with! The boy is 13 and the girl is 11. They love me, cuddle with me, and play with me. I like the smaller humans just as much as the grown up ones. There are no cats to meet around here, just dogs. I’ve heard there are other small animals in the house. A pet gecko and some fish, but they’re never around to play. I have two dog siblings here, and they are both Save-A-Bull alumni like I soon hope to be. Blanche is about 5 1/2 and is a Pitbull/Boxer mix, she likes me and tends to leave me alone. Stanley is a younger boy, he is going to be two this summer. My humans aren’t really sure what kind of mix Stanley is, I just hear them say he’s so handsome. Stanley is like my dog dad at my current house. He watches out for me, teaches me how to play, and shows me all the cool spots in the backyard. Stanley is my gentle giant of a playmate, we really make the best of friends. We run and chase each other as we try to reach the bone or stuffed animal first. Stanley will even share and chew on a bone with me at the same time, and that just makes me feel like we are the next to star in a remake of “Lady and the Tramp”. 

I always hear about how sweet I am, or how I play so nice and share with the other dogs. When I’m worn out from playing, I prefer to snuggle up to my humans in the house. When they think I’m not paying attention I hear them say how they would love to keep me, so I interpret that to mean that I’m one of the best pups around.

If I had to split my day into four parts, I would say I would love a quarter of the day to be all play. Then the rest of the day you can give me all the cuddles and snoozes. My body and tail wiggles the most when my human comes home from work, or when I’m let out of the kennel to go see the other dogs in the house.

My dream day would be waking up in a comfy bed next to my new human (although I’m kennel training right now), eating a delicious meal, a little time for play and exercise, then snuggle in a giant blanket and have a lap to curl up in for a nice long snooze.

I don’t have too many requirements for my dream home. It’s not the number of humans or dogs that I care about. Give me one human or many, one dog or a house full. I just need at least one human that makes me their world, and I will forever repay you with puppy snuggles and kisses. Play with me, feed me, and tuck me in and say good night. That is my dream!