I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Condor has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Condor and I have so many gorgeous traits!  If you're forcing me to narrow it down to one, I would have to say it's my fur. I'm a redhead! I also have white, blonde, and even some black fur. My fur must be the fluffiest fur these humans have seen, I swear this is why I get all the pets. I like to play the hand stack game with my humans – I win every time!

My story is not a sob story, but one of survival and love. My mother was found pregnant in New Mexico. There our lives were uncertain. Then some lovely humans took my mom in and contacted Save-a-Bull here in Minnesota. My mom made the trip up to Minnesota, gave birth, and gave my siblings and I a chance to thrive. My first foster human loved me so much, she even tube fed me when I was having trouble eating. Trust me, that is not a problem now! Once I was big and strong enough, I moved to a new foster home. This one is with two adult humans, two children, two dogs, and even a gecko. I'm so lucky to have all this love now!

I would like to say I've got this potty-training thing mastered! The only time accidents occur is when the humans get too busy cleaning. I am learning that my kennel is not an awful place to be. My kennel has delicious treats like peanut butter filled Kong toys, my favorite bone to chew on, and sometimes even a squirt of whipped cream. At night I sleep in my kennel, with a blanket over the top, and some piano music playing. I have learned how to "sit". Now I am working on "sit", "stay", and "free" before every meal.  "Off" and "down" are words I keep hearing too. I try my best, especially when treats are involved. I haven't had the opportunity to take training classes yet, but I know I would love them. Attention, humans, dogs, and treats? I'm there! I love making my humans proud, treats just make everything extra motivating.

I have two human siblings, they are older children. The girl is 12 and the boy is 14. I love them as much as they love me! I have had a few outings where I have met smaller children and they are just as cool as the older ones. I have not had the privilege of meeting a cat yet. I have two dog siblings right now, both are Save-a-Bull alumni. Blanche is a female Pitbull/Boxer mix, and Stanley is a male Pitbull/Weimaraner mix. Blanche is a slightly older and sophisticated lady, she is a little over 6 years old. Stanley is a playful young lad just over 2 ½ years old. I get along great with both, but I do favor Stanley. He is so much more playful! We wrestle, run, and tumble through the snow. We love to chase after the same favorite toy and play keep away from one another. I am definitely more submissive. I hide under tables inside or outside when the playing gets too rough.

Some other fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I love to be in the same room as my favorite human, I like to keep them company. At the same time, I make sure I run off and play too. Cuddles just might be my favorite, you will never see me turn down a good belly rub!  

What would your dream day consist of?
My dream day would be full of time outside running and exploring. Inside time would be full of play and naps. Then cuddles full of the forever kind of love from my family. 

What are some of your favorite toys?
I love squeaker toys! After the humans have hit their limit on squeaks I am just as happy with any other toy. I love them all!

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
I could not play all day, I would miss my naps too much. I have plenty of play in me, but lean toward wanting a few more cuddles and snoozes.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
I can't keep my body still when I see my humans in the morning or after a day of work. I just get so excited! I want to fully greet them before going outside.

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
I'm not too picky when I day dream of my forever family. It could consist of one human or a few, just as long as there is love to share. Could this be you?