I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Chicory has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Chicory! I am a petite girl who loves to curl up in a lap. I’ve heard I have beautiful red/brown hair, and I’m known to work my puppy eyed look to the best of my ability. I’ve been told I’m a bit of a princess and might have a flair for the dramatics. Whatever I’m doing is working, because I get all the attention and love I need! I came from New Mexico to escape that heat and find my forever family.  

I am trying my hardest with potty training. I make it through the night with a dry kennel and run out as fast as I can in the morning before breakfast. I'm a work in progress, but I know I'm going to master this skill. I am kennel trained. I have a sweet setup, it's a puppy room set up for my brother and me at my foster home. I sleep side-by-side with my brother, but in our own kennels. I eat all my meals in my kennel, so I'm always okay going in there. I am practicing a lot of good skills currently. Potty training, walking on leash, “sit” (which I am pretty good at already), and “stay”. I am pretty confident that I already have kennel training mastered, as I know it's a good place. I have only been in Minnesota about a week and have not had the chance to get into any training classes. I know I would just love to be part of a training class – meeting new puppies, getting attention, getting my ears scratched, and even getting treats all help me work on my skills. I love food, it’s the best! I really prefer to have a handful of bones around to choose from. Bones are really my favorite right now, but I also like a good rope.  

I live with two children in my foster home. The older one is named Mikey, he just turned 14. Kara is the younger of the two, she'll be 12 in about a month. I love them both so much! Kids in the house = more love for me. I have not had the chance to meet any cats yet. I live with two other Save-A-Bull alumni. Blanche is almost six, and Stanley is two. Blanche likes my sister and me, but tends to prefer alone time. Stanley was a little standoffish at first and I was a little intimidated by him at first (he's so much bigger than I am). We are starting to really hit it off though, I like to run and chase him in the backyard. I am definitely more submissive around the other dogs in the house.  

I love my food, naps, and my people very much! I can snuggle like no other, and you get my sweet snorty snores along with that. If I had to choose between play all day or cuddles and snoozes, I would choose cuddles and snoozes. There is nothing better than leaning back on my human, belly up, and getting some good scratches.  

You haven't seen a body wiggle until you've seen mine, you won't be able to hold that smile in! I will wiggle my heart out for the humans I love and some very loving pets to go with it. Especially when I wake up in the morning and I get to see you. Or when you come home from being away.

My dream forever family would be filled with love, food, and all the cuddles. That could consist of one human or many. I'll be thankful for whatever I get and will be ready to share all my love. My dream family would love being outside. I dream of time outside, walks, bones to chew on, and a comfy place to nap. A lap is preferred, but a blanket on a couch or dog bed is pretty nice too. Could this be you?