I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Casey has a new furever home.
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Hi I’m Casey. I am told constantly how handsome I am! This kind of attention might get old for some but I don’t mind. Maybe it’s my sparkling blue eyes or maybe it’s my speckled snout. I know my foster parents love my pink markings that look like parentheses on either side of my nose too. Who knows? There is just so much to love about me! Sometimes I get an itch that I just can’t quite reach but my leg hasn’t figured that out yet. It just thumps on the floor super fast like I’m a tap dancer – or maybe more like Thumper from Bambi. I was born in Alabama. Sadly my mom is no longer with us. But some nice people gave us a place to stay in a rescue down south. They had to bottle feed my siblings and I until we were strong and healthy. When that time came a lovely volunteer flew us in his small airplane to Minnesota. I am so happy to be here looking for my forever home.

I’m not perfect by any means but I do have to take a second to brag. I have only had a couple accidents so far and that was when that cold white stuff was falling from the sky. I might need a little help someone to really just pay attention to me and watch for my signs of having to use the bathroom. For example I start getting extra wiggly and move even faster. I did however scratch at the back door for the first time today! I would much rather be cuddling with my human or another dog than be in my kennel. With that said I sure am trying my hardest at being a good boy and sleeping through the night. So far it has happened two nights in a row for my foster parents in the short time I’ve lived with them. I have a feeling I’ll master this skill soon! I keep hearing the word “sit” and am finally starting to understand what that means. My foster parents are so proud of me when I “sit” – they give me belly rubs ear scratches and yummy little treats!

I think a flirt pole would be my favorite toy right now I’m making do with a cat toy. I also love bones and stuffed animals. Basically I’m not too picky. I just love to play! I’m pretty new to Minnesota and have not yet had the chance to take training classes yet. But I’m totally in if other dogs are there treats and plenty of attention! You see I will do anything for love and attention food doesn’t hurt either. :)

I have not met any children yet but I just know I’m going to love them. I do have two human foster siblings. The boy is 13 and the girl is 11. They are on vacation right now but I heard they will be home soon. I can’t wait! I have not met any cats yet. I currently live with two dogs both Save-A-Bull alumni. Blanche is a Pitbull mix like me. She’s six years old and just under 50 lbs. She’s too cool and usually goes to her room after we greet each other. Stanley is my new BFF.  He’s going to be two in June and is taller and a little heavier than his sister. We get along great! We run play and wrestle. When we’re all tired out we like to sit on the couch and cuddle together. I’m not too afraid of the bigger dogs but I also know when to back down. My foster brother Stanley’s favorite activity is keep away with a bone. We could go for at least an hour stealing it back and forth from one another. I also like to chase stuffed animals and race to see who gets to it first. When we are all played out I curl up next to Stanley for a nap sometimes he even lets me sit on top of him.

My foster parents say that I am the best dog because of my personality. I’m sweet and kind of sassy. I love to run tumble and wrestle. I hear I’m a bit of a wiggle worm. I’m super fast and wiggle all over checking out new places. It’s so exciting! After the excitement I know how to calm down and be the best cuddle company anyone could possibly need.

My body just had to wiggle all over with excitement when my foster parents brought me home. First of all it was because of the other dogs that lived there. I was just so excited and I wanted to be just like them in my own forever home. My dream day would be filled with someone to love me. We would walk play and snooze together. Above all I dream of a forever home filled with love joy and endless snuggles. I would be safe and loved and finally at home.