I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Cammie has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Cammie! I am a petite young lady with awesome floppy little ears and white socks on my legs and feet. My tail is darker than the rest of my gray body with a white tip that looks like I lost the battle with a paint brush. My foster family thinks I’m going to stay on the smaller side – which is perfect because then I fit better on laps! I remember being footloose and fancy free on my own for a while. It was really cold and there was no one to give me butt scratches. I wasn’t out too long it seemed, because I wasn’t super skinny or mangy, when a nice person found me and took me to a place with lots of concrete and barking dogs. Then the best rescue ever saved me, and I went to live with an awesome family with two big dogs and a human sister. 

My nicknames are “Little Growler” (I have a cute growl when I play with other dogs) and “Meatball” (because I am low to the ground and solidly built). There is a machine that makes a horrible noise, my Foster Mom says it picks up all the dog hair. I am scared to death of it, so I get to hang in my kennel during “cleaning time.” I don’t bark much, not even at the UPS guy when my foster siblings go crazy.  I just stand and wag my tail looking for love. I have discovered ice cubes as a snack! It’s heaven when I get them. I get sleepy around 8:30pm, so I look for the closest lap or the comfiest chair to nap in. I LOVE having my back and butt scratched, it’s the best thing on the planet! I will stand there for hours if you let me. I will languish in the sunshine anywhere I can – I love to be warm. I also love to sit next to the oven when it’s on, so it keeps me toasty.

I am almost potty trained. I am down to one accident a day if I forget to go to the door. Sometimes I’m just playing so hard that I forget to listen to my body. But Foster Mom says that I’m almost there – at least I sleep through the night about 7-7.5 hrs with no accidents. I go in my kennel willingly, sometimes even on my own when I need a nap after playtime. It’s a safe and comfy space. At night I sleep in my kennel, unfortunately. My furry foster sister gets to sleep with Mom and Dad. I am totally jealous. I have “sit” totally down (if you have a treat). I am working on “lay down” and “paw” (shake). I haven’t taken any training classes yet but I’m really hoping my forever family will take me so I can be the best dog for them! I love to learn, as long as treats are involved of course. :) My biggest motivators are being told I’m a good girl, getting a yummy treat and getting some good scratches. I like to chase balls, play tug-o-war and steal toys from my friends. I have squirrel and rhino stuffies that sleep with me at night, and I haven’t shredded them – so I do really well with my toys.

I live with a 9-year-old human girl. I love her! Her lap is an amazing space to take a nap in. Sometimes I bite her or scratch her accidentally when I get super excited, but I always say I’m sorry. I met a cat and I was super interested in this weird looking thing, but not to hurt it. I really wanted her to play with me but she made strange noises and didn’t want to. I think I would love to make friends with any cat that would let me. My big doggie foster brother (2 yr. old – 85 lbs.) is into rough play and I keep him on his toes! My furry sister (1 yr. – 50 lbs.) is closer to my size and we play all the time. We steal each other’s toys, growl together and pull on our collars. It’s so fun! I really love them both. I love to snuggle with my foster sister when she lets me. I met a new dog the other day and made fast friends. I really love all dogs I meet and right away I want to play and be their best buddy! I have decided that I REALLY want a home with another dog. I am learning so much from them and need to have someone to play with to keep my energy contained.

I really am not dominant or submissive. My Foster Dad says I am super mellow for a puppy. I feel like I do a good job reading each of my friends and playing whatever role is needed during playtime. 

Here are some other fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world? 
I am a super easy-going girl. I really like everyone, I’m not too puppy crazy, I love to snuggle and I’m probably not going to get really big. I’m the perfect pittie in a small package! I get along with all kids, cats and dogs – I’m a super good doggie!

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
I need to go to a family with another dog as I need to keep practicing my friendship skills! My family would be calm yet adventurous – ready for epic snuggles while watching movies, want to give me treats often, take me for rides in the car, buy me the occasional pup cup and want to show me fun places while hiking or camping. I really want my family to keep me with them as much as possible, love me, teach me, and scratch me often.

What general knowledge TV or movie character are you most like and why?
Mary from the movie Something about Mary – friendly, smart, fun loving, hilarious and gets along with everyone.

What are some of your favorite toys?  
My squirrel and rhino, also anything I can chew and sharpen my teeth on.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?  
Why does it have to be one or the other – can I just answer all of the above?

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When my people come home and greet me. I’m always so excited to see you.

What would your dream day consist of?
Up early to potty and then back to sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed to cuddle and nap longer. A great breakfast and some playtime. A walk in the sunshine. A nap. A pup cup. A hike in the woods. Dinner and a movie before snuggles and bedtime. I’m really not too hard to please!

I would love to meet YOU!