I've found my furever family!

Tim Weah

We're happy to tell you that Tim Weah has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Tim Weah, but my foster family calls me T-Dubs! I am here to steal your heart with my baby blue eyes, playful antics and overall quick wit! I am a playful guy and love all the attention I can get.

I am almost completely potty trained; I even ring a potty bell to go outside. No small feat for a pup who is deaf! I mind my kennel at bedtime, but could still use continued crate training during the daytime hours. Did I mention I am a work in progress (aren’t we all??). I get a little verbal when I go in my crate during the day, but mostly because I am afraid of missing out because I love my people and my dog friend! However, I do settle down fairly quickly and take a nap.

I LOVE food and treats and eat like a champ! I am learning to wait patiently for my meals. My foster mom says it’s important to be invited to breakfast and dinner, but I’m just so excited. I’m pretty good on a leash. Again, it’s a work in progress.

In my foster home I live with another dog and I love to play, play, play! She’s not much of a cuddler, so I have my foster humans for that. I love to cuddle up and watch TV with them. I haven’t met small kids just yet, but I like to say hi to people when we go on walks. I jump on them, but apparently that’s not acceptable, so I must wait to be invited to say hello as well. I can get a little jumpy, a little nippy, a little too much love in one place, but it’s all part of my puppy age.

Now for the good stuff – I am deaf! I get to learn a whole language designed just for me! My foster mom has taught me the signs for: “no”, “sit”, “come”, “enough”, “go potty”, and “I love you” (it’s my favorite)! I’m also learning “look”, “leave it”, “wait”, “go”, and “no bite”. My mom says after I learn those, we will move on to other ones. So, I just take it one day at a time.

If you are ready to meet me to see if I’m the perfect pup for you, just know I also have my own compatibility test: I will need firm and consistent training. I also need to be well socialized and have daily mental stimulation to keep me out of trouble! If you haven’t heard, my Catahoula makes me somewhat rare, but it’s my personality that makes me special! If you’ve done your research, you know I am and will be high energy. Hence the need for good training, mental stimulation, and exercise. Because of my high energy, apartment living may not be the best, unless you are a busy bee like me and plan to take me out into the world for daily adventures.

I can’t wait to meet you to see if we are a perfect match!