I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Boomer has a new furever home.
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They call me Big Boomer; but I don't know why. I'm big boned, that's all! I'm the strong silent type. I'm quiet as a mouse around the house, you'll never know I'm there. I'm super easy going; some might say I'm super chill!

I like to sleep – sleeping is my favorite. I snore, however. I have an entire language to snores, snorts and sighs. I know some people may not appreciate it, but my snoring is absolutely adorable!

I like walks – walking is my favorite. And I'm good at it! A mile, two miles – I'm ready to go. Sometimes when walking I want to walk faster than my people and need a reminder it's a stroll, not a race! Remember I'm big boned, so I do best with a walking partner that can manage a big guy like myself. I like other dogs but can get very excited, I'm still learning my manners. 

I like eating – it's my favorite! I'm not picky about food and won't beg at the table during dinner. I do have a big head, and big jowls, so there might be a bit of a mess after I eat or drink. 

My idea of a great day is up whenever you wake up, breakfast and potty. My morning is taken up with a nap. Maybe a potty and short snuggle at noon, then a full afternoon of resting. A good walk after work, followed by dinner and an evening of snuggles on the couch.

If you haven’t already heard, I’m big boned. And excitable. A little TOO excitable, so I hear. I am also not the most graceful, so I would really like to be around older kids who understand my large stature. I do love other dogs, but I’m told my enthusiasm for them is a bit off-putting to them, so it’s best if we do a quick hello while walking rather than trying to share space and people. Could this be YOU?

Don't forget to watch my videos after viewing my beautiful pictures. 🙂