I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Bomani has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Bomani. I have beautiful gray eyes and cute expressive ears. I’m so funny when I play with other doggos, I have a very scrunchy face! I was surrendered by a family who could not take care of me anymore. I was dying of Parvo, but Save-A-Bull helped me and treated me and now I’m a normal active and healthy puppy. 

I am potty trained! I like my kennel when my people are nearby but when they aren't you will hear the call of the people and let me tell you, I am loud! An apartment dwelling might not be for me right now, but this may change as I get older and more confident.  Sometimes my foster mom calls me a stage 5 clinger because I stay near her and whine if I'm not close to you.  At night I usually sleep in my kennel. As a puppy, I would love to take training classes with my new family. I love doing tricks for my foster family and I am incredibly treat/food motivated. 

I love all the kids I’ve met – between 3 and 10. I’m pretty calm for a puppy so I just wiggle over to kids and all people. I currently live with three cats. I like to chase them a bit, but I also love going over to give them lots of kisses. They don’t like me that much but they tolerate me. I currently live with three dogs! My Husky sibling is about 40 lbs., seven years old, and doesn’t like me. She tells me off a lot, but I respect that and I back off or lay down. I also live with a Bully/Beagle mix who is four years old. He thinks I lick him too much in the face and also tells me to knock it off a lot. Sometimes I listen to him – but all I really want to do is try to be friends. I also live with a 75 lb. American Bulldog mix that my foster mom is fostering too. I absolutely love him! He lets me play with him and we play tug and chew on toys all day together. I LOVE cuddling with other doggies and playing tug-o-war, it’s so much fun!

Some things to note about me. I was a Parvo survivor, and because of this I really like food now – I didn’t have it for a while because I couldn’t eat, I was too sick. I have shown some resource guarding with food and toys around my doggie siblings – because of this I need my new family to continue working with me so this doesn’t become an issue when I’m older. I also seem to have a little separation anxiety. I have squeezed through or climbed gates trying to get to my people. I do really well in my kennel now that I know it’s a safe place, but I get nervous when I’m in a room by myself – please help me build some confidence with that.

Here are some fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I am the SWEETEST girl. My foster mom tells me that I’m good at reading her feelings. I have the most telling eyes, and I just want to be near my people. 

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
My dream family would be people who want to cuddle and give love. I don’t seem to need a lot of exercise, but this may change as I get older. I just love being near people and on the couch chewing a toy while you pet me and we relax. 

What are some of your favorite toys?
I love split elk antlers and nylabones.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
Lots of snoozies, but I love playing too.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
Seeing my people, food and treats.

What would your dream day consist of?
We would wake up by snuggling together – I love laying in bed. Then let’s go potty outside right away! After that some play time would be great – give me a good toy and I’ll go hang by myself, or pet me while I happily chew away. We should eat next – my foster mom feeds me in my kennel to make sure I really understand that my kennel is a great place to be. I will stay in my kennel for 5-6 hours while my family is at work. After that, let’s go for a nice evening walk, have some dinner and cuddle up on the couch with toys. Could this be you?