I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Bluebell has a new furever home.
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Hi, I’m Bluebell. I have a wonderful big ole head, and floppy ears! You know about tippy taps? Well, I got slammy whammies and they come out when I find a great new toy, or when I am REALLY excited to play! When I am done playing I like to cuddle up on furniture and directly on top of you. Cuddles are the best! Sometimes I don’t really understand where my body is in relation to you, one time I tried to cuddle with my foster mom on a bed and she laughed and said I was trying to sit on her face! I was just trying to find the optimal cuddle spot.

When I am really happy about a toy I will take it in my mouth and parade it around the house like a prized possession. Sometimes I will keep the toy in my mouth and just squeak it against you to let you know that I am ready for playtime. I am pretty picky about where I lay down. My foster parents have said that I am a princess or a diva with how picky I can be, what can I say? I want lots of plush beds and furniture to lay around on!

I am potty trained! I have gotten very good at telling my foster parents that I need to go out. Once I’m outside, I’d rather play than go potty, so sometimes it takes a while for me to remember I had to go! If it were up to me I would never be in a crate, but I know that crates aren’t always a bad thing. If I am in the room with you while in the crate I am quiet and patient while you are doing what you have to do. If I am unable to see you then I will cry for a few minutes – I just miss you so much! At night I am sleeping in a crate in my foster parent’s room. I have mastered “sit”, “paw”, “off”, “kisses”, and “boop”. I am currently working on “wait”, how to have something called “leash manners”, “leave it”, and “down”. I might need a slow introduction to the facility, but I think training or obedience courses could be fun. Food and attention are really big motivators for me right now! Some squeaky toys could work as a reward for me too.

I am a bit slow to warm up to new people. I have to sniff them from a distance to make sure they’re okay. My foster parents are working on slow introductions and getting me more exposure to new people, to help me get more comfortable with it. Once I have gotten to know a new person, I’m my 100% loveable, goofy self, but that can take a little time.

I currently don’t live with children, and sometimes I get so excited to meet people and get pets from them that I will paw at them or try to jump up to meet them partway. I have two foster brothers who are cats. One is about a year old and I REALLY want to play with him. I don’t know exactly how to play with him but I am determined to figure it out! The other is about eight years old and I want to get to know him but he is not as interested as I am. My curiosity sometimes gets the best of me and I get hissed at, I am working on giving them their space when they tell me that they want to be left alone. My foster sister is a 55-pound pit bull mix who is helping me learn how to be a dog. I really want to try and wrestle with her, but I think she has said something about having bad knees? So I get to play with my foster parents instead! As a princess, I don’t want to outright say that I am dominant – but I WILL initiate play and keep trying. I love to play! I would love a day where we can play outside, zoom around the yard, maybe wrestle a bit, throw around a squeaky/crinkly toy, and then have a good meal and cuddle. Sometimes I can get into tug-o-war, and I am told that I hog the toy I want to be thrown. 

Some other fun facts about me:

Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I am the best dog because I am so smart, ready to learn, and ready to love you with everything I got.

Give me a description of your dream forever family. 
I would love a family that can take me for adventures, go running, exploring, sniffing new places, then land back at home for some quality cuddling time. Also, it’d be a really big plus if they had a lot of squeaky toys so I can play with a different one every day!

What general knowledge TV or movie character are you most like and why?
My foster parents think I’m most like Charlotte La Bouff, from Princess and the Frog. They say I’m a sassy diva who gets everything she wants, and I can’t say they’re wrong. I have mastered the art of the side-eye and the judgemental look, and I do enjoy being spoiled.

What are some of your favorite toys? 
I LOVE the toys that are plushy, with both crinkles and squeaks in them. Regular plushy, squeaky toys are also a good choice for me! I recently tried a puzzle toy and it took me a little bit to figure out that there were treats in it, once I did and figured out how to get the treats I enjoyed it.

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
I flip a coin every morning and decide which mood I’m in. Some days it’s play, some days it’s cuddles and snoozes. I think I have more “play all day” days than “cuddles and snoozes” days.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When I’m showing off my favorite toys. I walk around the house with my tail flying around so that I can let everyone know just how great my toys are!

What would your dream day consist of?
My dream day would start with a big breakfast, maybe with some peanut butter or pumpkin mixed in. Then a little bit of a nap, to let the food settle before going on a big adventure. A car ride, a hike, some sort of new place for me to experience! Then after the adventure, come home and make sure all of my favorite toys are in the right place, show them off to the house, then take a nap either on a comfy bed, or with my people, ideally both! Then with another big dinner, this time with whipped cream! Then when it’s bedtime, I want to cuddle up with my people so that they know how great of a day I had.

Could this family be you?