I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Zero has a new furever home.
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Hello, I'm Zero! As a stray I was given this name by my foster human and I learned it quickly. I also answer to Z, a strong whistle, and I know that my human talks about me as "The Gentleman", she's always saying nice things about me. I'm great at coming to your side when you call any of my names, even if there's something else I'd rather be doing. I have a little gray in my muzzle and my brows but don't let that make you think I've slowed down! When I hear or see a friend (any dog or human) or know it's time to visit the outdoors I've got energy to spare.

I'd say my greatest strengths are my social skills, willingness to please, gentle nature, chill but engaged vibe, and ability and interest in learning new things. When I joined my foster human's home I already knew how to “sit”, “lie down”, “shake”, “stay”, “off”, and sometimes I understand "leave it". The humans I'm with now like it when I wait a few feet away from the door before we go in and out and I'm happy to do that for them. I'm fully potty trained and will make sure I politely ask you to take me outside when I need to. Treats? I take them nice and slow, like a gentleman.

I'm also stoked to walk at your pace without being asked when I'm on my leash. I might whine and pull when I spot another dog but I just want to make every new friend I possibly can, everyone loves me and I know I love them. If my leash is kept short I'll keep on walking without needing to stop and sniff everything because I can tell my human wants to get some miles in, and that's OK by me. I'd love to be a hiking or backpacking companion. I long for some time in the backwoods as I came from rural Wisconsin.

I'm really enjoying my new kennel and the bed inside it and I'm happy to chill there anytime we're home, you don't even have to ask me! More than anything, I love to join you on the sofa so I can rest my entire body on yours but only if you invite me up, and I'm cool with getting down when you've had enough. I can lie around peacefully but I also need activity and social time or I get bored and obviously pouty. The world is just full of awesome new buddies and smells, and you don't wanna catch my side-eye and bottom lip, they're next level. I also put myself to bed in my kennel nightly, and I'm working on my alone time in there without any humans. I'm getting it but we're taking it slow.

The animal doctors and nurses I've seen recently say that I'm in great shape! I have some skin issues right now and I'm getting special baths twice a week to try and help my fur grow back on my belly, bottom, and legs –  I don't mind them at all. I trust humans very much and I know they're helping me even if it's a little uncomfortable. My skin is looking healthier since I started staying with my foster and I really like it when she gives me a massage. I'm a little underweight but I love to eat and the humans think I'll "fill out nicely" at around 70 lbs.

So far I've made one dog friend who's also a boxer mix like me. She's a little older and more reserved than I am but I've learned to listen when she tells me to back off and now we play, cuddle, and she shares her fenced yard with me. When I meet other dogs in my new neighborhood I'm always thrilled to say hi without making anyone upset, even the little guys.

My foster human has a man in her life and I love my foster human but I REALLY love that man. When I see him I go into a full body wiggle of ecstatic joy because his vibe is my favorite thing in the world. He has two young human children and even though I'm a little reckless with my big tail I'm really wonderful with them – I respect their space and let them approach me with a nice loose body and happy tail. I haven't met any cats since I've been with my foster family but they say I'd probably want to make friends with any cat I encounter and have a hard time understanding their indifference or dislike of me.

I'm respectfully vocal and only when needed, I don't like to disrupt with barking and my whines are always to tell you I'm excited about someone or need to go outside. My weaknesses are few, but I do know I could do a better job of being spatially aware of my tail and I always feel bad when I knock something over. I can also be a little impatient if I'm feeling bored but I know that's normal so I'm not too hard on myself about it.

I'd make an excellent public ambassador for my mix of breeds because my sweet heart and affectionate soul radiate strongly through my big, beautiful eyes and endearing smile. I'm so grateful I get to have a happy future and I want you to know it. I would love to meet you!