I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Bert has a new furever home.
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Hello, I’m Bert. I have a big bully block head with a big bully heart! I look like a powerlifting muscle pup, but I am soft and squishy inside. My foster family says not to let my tough looks fool you – I am a super loveable guy and love a good couch cuddle session. I don’t know what they mean though because I know I am a tough guy. 🙂 I also have the most adorable underbite and cute snaggle teeth!

I love treats, all of them! They are all so yummy and I didn’t get lots of these in the shelter, so I have been loving getting all of these great new treats with my foster family. I LOVE FOOD! Food, treats, bones, and snuggles are the best things in the world to me. Don’t tell anyone about the snuggles part though, I don’t want to ruin my tough guy image.

I am potty trained and I am a good boy in the house. The kennel isn’t my most favorite place to be, but I will go in the kennel if I have to. Just offer me some of those yummy treats I am learning all about and I will go in – but if I don’t have to be in a kennel, I am the best boy and do a very good job of entertaining myself with good boy things like bones and toys. My favorite place to sleep at night is with my foster parents and I promise I am not a bed hog, but I will sleep in my kennel like a good boy if I have to. My foster family says I am a super smart boy! I can do several good boy things like “sit”, “down”, “off”, “up”, and “kennel”. I know that with a little time I can learn all sorts of things. I would love to learn some new fun outdoor activities with my forever family like maybe dock diving or agility, or even just going with my family for a hike through the woods. I love to be active! One of my most favorite activities is to play with rope toys but I also like to train. I love to listen and learn new commands for those yummy treats. 

I have met and stayed with older kids over 13 years old, and I was a good boy with them. I do forget my manners when I get excited sometimes and jump a little for kisses. I probably wouldn’t be the best pup for small kids. I could knock them down by accident with my excitement. I have not lived with any cats or small animals, but I did walk by them in the shelter and leave them alone –I really did not care about them when I was there. I haven’t lived with any other foster dogs yet but I have met a few. I get super excited when I see them, but I don’t bark or scare them or anything. I met a Chihuahua that I gave kisses through the fence to, and when her big sister barked at me I ignored her. 

My dream forever family would have a happy mix of play and cuddle time. I like to exercise a lot and would love a home that would give me lots of enrichment activities to exercise both my mind and my body. I am a super smart boy and want to keep that up. I also love to be loved, don’t tell anyone but it is the best! Cuddles with my humans are amazing – I mean working out and getting stronger is amazing because I am a tough guy, and I would love to meet you!