I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Bean has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Bean. I am a sweet, handsome puppy with a pouty face, expressive eyes and eyebrows and big paws, which makes me a bit clumsy. I’m a little silly and quirky and make lots of faces with my eyebrows and eyes! I am playful and attentive; I love to ham it up and be the center of attention; and I collect my toys in my bed and walk around with them proudly. I like to be near my human at all times and check in frequently. I love being the center of the action with my people so much so that I have fallen asleep while sitting up on numerous occasions! I came up from Texas with my brother who is living with a different foster family at the moment.

I am mostly potty trained, but sometimes when I’m in play mode I forget to ask to go out and have an accident. I love bedtime and sleep in my kennel all night, but during the day if I’m put in my kennel I will protest a little and then settle after a few minutes. At night I sleep in my kennel in my foster parents’ room. I know "sit"! It’s my go to trick that I love to show off even when I’m asked to do something else. I’m learning how to walk on the leash – which I like – but sometimes the stubborn mastiff side in me shows and I would be more happy to play in the house or yard. I’m also learning “leave it” and the difference between toys and non-toys. I am very attentive and smart and would do well in a training or obedience course, but maybe in a few months when I’m a little older and more confident around new sights and smells. I loooove treats and food but I also really love attention from my humans and it doesn’t take much to get me to focus.

I play with pre-teen neighbors regularly. I’m a little shy at first but I warm up quickly and am happy to make new friends. I always check in with my foster parents though. I live with three cats and try to play with them like puppies but I back off when my foster parents remind me that they're cats! Most of the time I don’t pay the cats much attention at all – I don’t have any prey drive issues so far.  I’m not living with another dog at the moment, and I am generally submissive around other dogs but sometimes I can be talkative when I want them to give me more attention. 🙂 I meet other dogs on walks and at restaurants, where I’m happy to say hi or mind my own business. A big Rottweiler lives next door to me and we share a fence but I don’t usually pay him much attention. Sometimes I bark and run around but usually I play on my own or with my foster parents. 

Some other fun facts about me:
Why are you the very best dog in the whole world?
I would be a good dog for a first time puppy owner! I love to pay attention to my human and am eager to learn how to hang out and be included in everything. I’m highly trainable and will be capable of going anywhere and doing anything with some guidance from my human.

What would your dream day consist of?
I’d love to wake up, go potty, eat a big breakfast, have a play session either in the house or yard, take a nap on the couch, have lunch and play again, go for a walk, eat dinner and hangout with my family, and then fall asleep on the couch while we watch TV. 

What are some of your favorite toys?
I am teething and like to chew. I like my foster cats’ toys more than mine. I like ripping up stuffies and gnawing on bones and harder plastic toys. I like to play tug-of-war with rope toys too!

Play all day or cuddles and snoozes?
A mix of both! I’m still a puppy so I have big bursts of energy that I need to get out, but then I can take long naps until I’m ready for the next round.

What makes your body wiggle and your tail wag harder than anything?
When my foster parents let me out of my crate in the morning!

Give me a description of your dream forever family.
I would be happy with a lot of different forever families, but ideally I would like a family with at least one person who has time to give me lots of attention and love, either at home or out and about. I like being busy in the house and yard and then taking naps near my human. I would love a best friend to spend most of the day with. I don’t live with other dogs right now but I have a lot of play energy and think another dog would be a good way to get that energy out.

I would love to meet you!