I've found my furever family!

Bam Bam

We're happy to tell you that Bam Bam has a new furever home.
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Well hello there – Bam Bam Bigelow here. As you can see from my picture I am a looker! A beautiful beefcake of a guy. Not to toot my own horn but. . . Toot! I am looking for someone to adore me as much as I will adore them (that will be a lot). In general I am a pretty quiet dude.

I am an expert at the kennel! My foster mom calls it the “cottage” and I don’t mind being in there. I sleep and eat in there and it is comfortable. I get excited when you get home from work but calm down after I potty outside and you pet me for the required amount of time to make up for your absence. My foster mom thinks I have Golden Retriever in me because I like to reach out my paw for pets. My legs are a bit shorter but I understand when she says all done. I like to lay at her feet when she is in her chair but she also had this great bed all for me and I rest there a lot. I know how to “sit” and “wait” but wouldn’t say they are solid skills. I also know “lay down” and “leave it”.

I overheard my foster mom telling some lady that I need to learn some manners. I would do best in a home as the only dog and with someone who will help me learn to be gentle when I play. I am the proverbial “bull in a china shop”. Ha Ha, Bull, get it. I crack myself up! You see, I don’t really know how to play with other dogs. I want to play so bad I can hardly stand it. My brain goes crazy. I wiggle and pull and want to run to be with my new friend but I guess I am a bit overzealous and new friends usually don’t like that. I have played with other dogs and been ok but I could have so many more friends if I knew how to play better. :)

I am short but compact! I weigh about 80 pounds and you have to be careful ‘cause when I want to do something I don’t see anything but my goal. Little kids could get hurt because my head is like a bowling ball and they become the pins. Again, manners are not my best skill but I can learn them. 

My ideal home would be somewhere where I can hang out with my humans and warm their feet, go for long walks, and get unlimited pets. I am so cute and sweet. How can you resist this mug!

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