Adopting a dog is a big decision but one you will be happy with and proud of forever. You’re giving a deserving dog a chance to be a part of a family and you’ll be repaid with endless love and appreciation.

We have many dogs looking for their forever homes – is one of them looking for you?

Adoption Application

To begin the adoption process, or to arrange a meeting with a dog you’ve met here on our website, please fill out an adoption application. Our volunteers will review your application, contact your references and connect with you to move to the next step.

Click here to learn more about our adoption policies and get answers to your questions about the adoption process.

Pay Adoption Fee

Once you’ve completed the adoption process, you’ve been approved, done your home visit, met the dog of your dreams and you’re ready to make it official, pay your adoption fee here.

Keep in Touch!

After you’ve settled in with your new best friend, don’t forget to send us periodic updates on how things are going. We love to see our dogs happy in their new homes and to share those updates with others here on our website.

Please keep in mind that our volunteers have full time jobs outside of rescue, and we receive dozens of applications each week. We’ll work to get back to you as quickly as possible so please be patient. We want you to meet your new best friend as badly as you want to!