Taking your dog for a walk is now not only good for you and your dog, it can help raise money to support all the dogs at Save-a-Bull Rescue. The Take your Walk for a Dog program is a revolutionary Dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters that uses a free mobile App by WoofTrax, Inc. to promote healthy pets and healthy humans while raising money to support a shelter or rescue.

“You walk your dog anyway,” says Mike Katz, Director of Community Relations for WoofTrax. “Now, for every mile you walk, we donate to a local animal shelter of your choice.”

How does it work?PhoneApp copy

Download the Walk for a Dog app for your smart phone. Set up your personal profile and dogs’ profiles. Under the “Chose the Shelter to walk for”, select Save-a-Bull Rescue (located under Minnesota, the city of Mayer). Now start walking! Use the app to log your miles and WoofTrax will make a quarterly donation to Save-a-Bull for each mile you walk.

“There is no easier way to raise funds for our local shelter then using the app every time you grab for the leash!” says JoAnn Goldberger, Director of Development, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center, Baltimore, MD.”Whether you are walking with your dogs or by yourself, the App is a way to keep track of your walks, encouraging you to walk more every day. That’s good for your health and your dog’s health. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your walking directly benefits your local rescue/shelter.”

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