Adopted: August, 2019

Dog’s former name: Posey

What are the best things about your dog?
How much room do you have? Everything about Bernice is magical and wonderful. She can make a game out of pretty much anything from cleaning to going to bed; she loves to tear up her toys and play with the fabric scraps,- she will bring them to people like she’s giving them a gift; she adores her big brother, Irving and her 3 cat siblings and they actually love her too!; she sits on the couch in my office all day while I work and if she gets bored she will stand behind my chair, put her paw around my shoulders like she’s telling me that it’s time for a break; She’s incredibly affectionate with everyone and she loves to snuggle.

Tell us about your dogs favorite activities, sports or training:
Bernice is pretty lazy. She does enjoy a good walk but more than 2 miles requires napping for the rest of the day. She completed Obedience 1 at Canine Coach like a boss. Her favorite sport is catching water from the hose. She also loves to be chased – preferably by me.

Do you have any extraordinary adventures or accomplishments?
Bernice won over her highly dog reactive big brother in a very short time. She taught him how to snuggle and play and how to be a happy dog again. She has given him a whole new sense of joy in living. That is a huge accomplishment.

How do people react to your “pit bull”?
Bernice is such a smiley, sweet girl that people always want to meet her. She has a way of disarming even people who have professed to not normally liking dogs.

Does your dog have any nicknames?
Neetie, P. Snuggins, Loveybear, Silky, Beastie, Princess Rabies, Little Chocolate, Tiny Spice

FAST FIVE with Bernice

  1. Food: Piggy or picky? Piggy
  2. Dog beds: Sleep on or unstuff? Sleep on
  3. Travel: Car rides or car sick? Cars are terrifying until the ride is underway
  4. Water: No way or splash all day? Splash all day
  5. Seasons: A day in the sun or a day in the snow? A day in the sun

Submitted by Hil S.


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