It seems like rescue is always a bit chaotic, but this past weekend was extra crazy for Save-a-Bull! Not only was our biggest event of the year planned (watch for a full Rescue Run recap to follow!) but we also welcomed 14 new puppies and one amazing mama dog to the family. Here’s how it went down:

About a week ago, Save-a-Bull was asked if we had the resources to help with some newborn puppies. This was a special request since the puppies had not yet been born, the mama would not be able to join them, and they would have to be bottle fed and hand cared for around the clock. We didn’t know how many puppies were coming, or when they would arrive, but because of the amazing volunteers in our organization we were able to say yes and promise them a chance. We sat waiting, ready to move the moment they arrived.

A few days later, a rescue partner in Oklahoma reached out and asked if we could take in a sweet mama and her seven, four-week-old puppies that were abandoned in what appeared to be a hoarder’s home.


Once again, we said yes and saw this as a possible stroke of luck: It’s not uncommon for a nursing dog to take on a littler of puppies that were not her own, so we thought it was a great opportunity to see if she’d take the incoming puppies. Mama and her seven puppies were scheduled to come on a non-stop transport on Saturday, June 27. The new puppies weren’t supposed to be born for another week so timing seemed to be perfect.

Well, of course things never go as planned. The new puppies were born early and Save-a-Bull welcomed seven itty bitty babies into rescue Friday afternoon. It took an army of volunteers to bottle feed and care for them around the clock. The tasks normally performed by a mom, feedings and stimulating them to go poop and pee, for seven puppies took about 40 minutes and had to be repeated every two hours.



The following day, the Oklahoma mom, Rozalyn, and her puppies arrived to safely to Minnesota around 10:30pm. We settled them into their own room after the long trip and just monitored them overnight. Everyone was doing well and the attentive mama would hear the newborns babies being fed in the other room and instantly perk up – like she wanted to help!


Around 6:30am on Sunday morning, we moved Rozalyn’s puppies to a separate space and camped out in her room to help her feel more comfortable. We completely expected her to pace and frantically look for her missing puppies, but she laid calmly in the kiddie pool we had set up for her and the babies and watched us, waiting, like she knew what her next task was. She was ready for us to start introducing the new puppies.

Around 8:00am we brought in two of the new babies. Rozalyn knew they were coming! She perked up, met us at the door, went over to the pool and brought the babies in as her own. Thirty minutes later, we brought in the next two with the same response. By 10:00am, all the new babies were with her.


It brought tears to our tired eyes to see this amazing mama step up to care for these babies that so desperately needed her help. She is an amazing girl who not only traveled across the country with her own seven puppies but gladly volunteered to care for seven more. She is truly something special! Join us in welcoming Rozalyn and her 14 beautiful babies to the Save-a-Bull family!

RozlynAllpuppiesAbove: Rozalyn and Nasa, Dipper, Astro, Nova, Neptune, Orion and Galaxy.
Below: New babies Annie, Pearl, Capone, Bugsie, Billy, Garrett and Wyatt.

While this story has a happy ending, it’s only the beginning of the journey for these dogs – and us. Rozalyn and the new babies are going to require a lot of expensive supplies to to make sure they are given the optimal nutrition to grow up strong and healthy. All 14 puppies will also each require a complete set of vaccinations and medical checkups and Rozalyn will need to be spayed after she’s done nursing the babies. Our bills for this rescue adventure are already more than $500 and that’s just for the past 3 days.

We could use your help to give this extended family everything they deserve. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated. Click here to make a donation now. You can also be a part of this wonderful story by sponsoring one of these puppies – or Rozalyn!  Click here for sponsorship details.

Rozalyn and her 14 puppies will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. Watch our website for updates, photos and more.

Because these puppies will need extended care, we’ll assign two sponsors to each one. We’ll make every effort to accommodate specific requests, but sponsorship of Rozalyn and the puppies will be assigned on a first come first served basis. If sponsorships exceed these puppies, we’ll move them to another dog in rescue that does not yet have a sponsor. Thank you so much for your support!

UPDATE 7/10/15

We’re sad to update that one of the new puppies did not survive past the first two weeks. We lost baby Annie on Wednesday at only 15 days old.